Have you ever been bothered by the Demunz ?

by BroMac 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • WTWizard

    I never had any problems with Demons. In fact, I never had any experiences with Demons. I have had minor events that I could explain with science--usually minor "hallucinations" that happen if I am drifting to sleep and get awoken (those are actually more like dreams than hallucinations, and nothing to worry about). The witlesses have, however, threatened Demon attacks. I have heard that Demons lurk in disaster scenes like fires and such, and that I could be attacked by Father Satan if I thought about Him too much (what an insult).

    As for being bothered by angels, that's another matter. Joke-hova itself set me up to be dragged into the cancer in the first place, and then the filthy angels got together and sealed my dedication to joke-hova using magick principles including the 9-fold affirmation. Ever since then, once I got baptized everything seemed lifeless. Field circus was a burden and drudgery, not a joy. And they wanted me to do it all the time, pious-sneering (would have been even worse a drudgery).

  • Balaamsass

    Had some weird stuff happen with RVs who had been hard core Satanists. Broad daylight with another JW in the room.

    The deep loud booming voice from an empty corner of the room ordering us out of the house, while the RV shook and flopped around like a puppet. right out of a movie script. Tried all the tried and true JW stuff...decided descretion was the better part of valor and left.

    Do I worry about it ..no. Do I buy stuff at garage sales ..yes. But when someone tells me they pray to satan and have a "spirit" I take them at their word..and move along..thank you very much.

  • BroMac

    Thats scary stuff. you mean the demons didn't shudder and leave when you said JEHOVAH? what other explanation could there be? Doesnt happen everyday

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