Bethel has Witness Psychiatrists on staff for Depression/suicide

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  • sir82
    Although he told me that I was free to tell him anything and it would be confidential... unless it was something of a judicial nature

    Correct if I'm wrong, but I don't believe HIPAA has an "except for JW sins requiring a judicial committee" clause in its confidentiality regs.

    How does this psychologist keep his license? Or does he just lie when he certifies that he is in compliance with HIPAA?

    I smell the potential for a giant lawsuit here, given the right circumstances.....

  • Balaamsass

    Great catch Sir 82 !

  • BlindersOff1
  • DaCheech

    This doctor is a JW, he told a group we were with: that there are alot of mental problems in bethel

  • Finkelstein

    Gee I wonder why there's so many people with mental problems within the structured institutionalized religious cult,

    where your constantly being watched over, forced to live in confined living conditions where you may not be compatible with certain other people.

    Your behavior is constantly being reviewed and analyzed. There's a great amount of sexual tension and uncomfortable

    inter-relationships with the body of single unattached people. Your only given a very small financial $$$ backing for your work

    that you perform in the manufacturing of publishing literature for the WTS. The list is extenuating long.

    No wonder that some people that stay there for a long length of time, eventually get depressed and some actually commit suicide.

    Of course this is all for doing the lords work, well thats what they think at least.

  • pontoon

    Around the time of the big bethel layoff, when was that, 6 or 7 years ago?, each bethelite had to sign a form that allowed the bethel office to have access to their medical records. Ones that did not want to sign were made to think or were told they would be kicked out if they didn't, and they probably were. My friends, a couple at the farm did not want to sign but did, they were kicked out anyway. I also knew a sister in Conn. who was some kind of a counselor, don't remember what her credentials were, most of her business were sisters from Brooklyn and Wallkill.

  • Dagney

    When I was in Germany we stayed with one of the on-staff doctors at Selters (sp?). He had numerous degrees including one for mental health, don't know which. He was a lovely, compassionate man that had much empathy for the "friends," and sadly since passed I heard. But he said he saw lots and lots of people with mental health issues. The day we were there at the branch, we didn't leave until late at night he had so many appointments.

    I would think they would want to keep issues inhouse if they could, but at least they are recognizing the need to some degree.

  • Finkelstein

    What good does it do people when the place they are living day to day is the actual cause and source of their mental problems ?

    You can sit down and listen to their grievances and have them talk for a moment about their problems but a soon as the secession is over

    what happens in the following days to come ?

    Most likely a return toward the same state prior to the visit.

  • sd-7

    Well, I definitely realized that if I was going to get any kind of counseling/therapy, I knew I needed to talk to a neutral party, someone who was neither a JW nor had any connections to the JWs. I'd tried talking to the elders sometimes, but it became clear that their responses were predictable and stuff I'd already read. I also knew that I needed to be free to speak against them. It never occurred to me that I'd actually leave the religion, at the time. But then I had no reason to, at least none I could convince myself of at the time. That was more than 6 years ago.

    I think it was a relief to be able to talk about the things I read in the literature or that were said to me by elders in an open, honest way. A way that before I'd only been able to share with myself, really.

    But Bethel having such people on hand? Interesting.


  • Thoughtless

    I always speak to neutral parties. That is honestly the best way to go. In the JW religion, no one is to really be trusted. A neutral party can judge what's wrong with you and how you can fix it, and are not so quick to judge your actual character as the elder's may do sometimes.

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