JW firm forced to pay 44,000 pounds for harassment.

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  • soiledumpling
  • cantleave

    That's old, I think there was a thread about it on here yonks ago.

  • cobaltcupcake

    They sound like a bunch of childish bullies.

  • Rattigan350

    And it starts with the British confusion as to what football is. We call it soccer.

  • Phizzy

    Its FOOTBALL , the largest religion in the U.K, soccer was occasionally played in exclusive posh schools for boys, it was in fact FOOTBALL, but they are too posh to call it that, and perversely call their exclusive very high fee paying schools Public Schools, just to confuse you yanks even further.


    several of the comments are negative towards JW's and not surprisingly!

    Bullies thrive in an environment where there are people to pick on who won't fight back - I certainly knew a few JW bullies - not many but a few bad ones. JW's are also terrible homophobes so would be happy to align these views with any footie fans.

    real shame someone had to go through this. but i guess this is a worldly person's response to being treated so badly - get compensation and justice through the courts. Can't see any JW's doing that - they'd just speak to an elder and be told not to go through the courts.

    I hope the guy finds a job in a decent company - must have been hell for him.



    old story i know but these guys both still work at the company. How wrong is that? mmxiv

  • konceptual99

    Football is football. We invented it so stop calling it soccer. If you want to be pedantic then you can call it Association Football.

    But. Not. Soccer.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    It sounds like Wernham Hogg JW style.

  • BluesBrother

    Workplace bullying is, sadly, real enough in all too many places . It might be the Company wanting to force a worker out, or workmates being horrible. This does not say much for the North East, does it? Any Geordies like to comment? I am sure that it is not all like that.

    The J W connection is weird. The use of the word "pagan" to describe other beliefs does sound all too familiar. I still find it hard to square the profanity with a J W manager, but..who knows these days? This was printed in July, I wonder if his elders investigated him?

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