Why are Witnesses so effective?

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  • Apognophos

    I'm sure some of you chuckled when you read the topic, or wondered if this was sarcasm, but I'm being serious. Yes, Witnesses number less than one in a thousand, but that's still millions of people. People like you and me! I'm not saying that JWs are highly effective, as in "having a high conversion rate", but merely pointing to the fact that they still make converts, after decades of saying the end was near, and putting all sorts of weird requirements on people like door-to-door preaching, giving talks, and not taking blood. Why would anyone find this appealing enough to join? And yet we believed, at one time, and some of us loved our beliefs! Maybe for catharsis' sake, especially for those who converted rather than being born-in, it's worth listing some reasons why Witnesses have such an appealing message for some listeners.

    It seems to me that it's all about presentation. Jehovah's Witnesses:

    - Are confident in their message. When was the last time that a random religious person confidently spoke of their beliefs as absolute "truth"? There must be something to it, to make them so certain!

    - Are clean-cut and seem to have their lives together. "What do they have that I'm missing?" It's not apparent at first that the Witness is projecting this sort of appearance as a necessity, to make their work more effective and to convince themselves that they're happy. JWs put a lot of energy into maintaining this facade.

    - Earnestly want you to share their beliefs. We've all met someone who might be right about an issue, but they make it hard for us to want to agree with them because they laugh when we haven't heard of their favorite kind of music or they "can't believe" we're still eating that food that's bad for us. JWs really want others to agree with their beliefs because it's faith-strengthening for themselves, and they're taught to be humble and approachable, so they don't hold their "superior" Bible knowledge over others' heads and are eager to share it.

    - Have literature! When was the last time you asked someone about their lifestyle, and they had a booklet ready to hand to you that explains it all with citations (scriptural backup, in this case)? They could also walk you through many of their beliefs from memory. For an intellectually-oriented spiritual person, this is way more appealing than the response an ordinary parishioner can give about their church's beliefs. There's a whole lot of information to process at once, which is impressive and a bit overwhelming for a potential skeptic.

    Does anyone want to add anything to the list?

    Edit: Apologies, I didn't mean to be in this forum when I created the topic!

  • EntirelyPossible

    Why? Because there is a sucker born every minute....

  • MrFreeze

    They hardly convert anybody. Most JW's are born-in.

  • LostGeneration

    Its all about the broken clock theory, its right twice a day!

    They are out all the time, they are bound to hit someone who was "praying to God for help" every once and a while. If this person gets hit up by a couple of Mormon boys first, they will probably look into the LDS.

    Because they are out all the time, they will come across some desperate people. Criminals, druggies, abused women, abused teens, etc...people who are at rock bottom is what I'm saying. Some of them will grab the rope the Witnesses throw them and start to study.

    Then they will hit up a few mental cases. I'll never forget my Dad telling me about his "progressive study" who lived at the local mental hospital. I just stood there stunned, looking at him and thinking, "Is this what your religion is resorting to? Bringing in basket cases? What a bunch of vultures you have become!" I called him out on it and he was pissed as hell!

  • Tater-T

    they are completely ineffective ...

    9 months 24 hours a day for one baptism... come on man .. really

    secondly no one knows anything about them, despite all those hours of preaching (magazine distribution)...

    do some research...

  • Tater-T

    even blind people can pick flowers....

  • heathen

    They do have some sound arguments about how pagan beliefs were mingled with christianity , they do stress living a good life without drugs and alcohol abuse maybe it's a support base for people trying to overcome those type of things and then of course the pedophiles start showing up as they do everywhere anyway , you can have friends as long as you are a WTBTS robot and put up with elder insanity and keep quiet about inconsistancy .

  • poppers

    I've wondered myself why someone would convert as an adult. I had a friend who did this while in his 40s and I just couldn't believe it. We were both raised Catholic, and while I dropped my belief in Catholicism, and eventually Christianity, I never felt a compulsion to find something to replace it. He grew up with a chip on his shoulder toward his mother and even practiced shunning her when he was quite young, years before he encountered JWism. I can't help but feel that getting sanction for shunning from the JWs played into his decision to convert - he used to take great pleasure in telling me about shunning his mom when he was a teenager. Thankfully, he left them after having been an elder for a number of years, but he won't admit that he was in a cult.

  • jookbeard

    I think they are a pathetic group with antiquated methods of canvassing their message and treating their members, they've gained some success by constantly treating the Catholic Church as their whipping boy and soaking up disillusioned Catholics, their message of ferocious animals becoming tamed in this stupid imagary in their literature really only appeals to the mentally unstable and folks "down on thier luck" they've made no inroads in the Asian subcontinent the whole of China and India and the Islamic nations of the Middle East, for a group that is well over 100 years old their lack of effectiveness becomes clear as each year passes when their boasting report is published

    Why are Witnesses so effective?..

    They force their Children into the WBT$ JW Cult..

    At an Early Age..


    .......................... ...OUTLAW

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