Fukushima nuclear reactor cores have melted into the ground!

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  • heathen

    Part the sad news is also the spent rods were kept on top and were thrown askewn and they will only bury it in the ground rather than try to collect them and store them safely. complete mess and very sad these things happen and now the whole planet will be irradiated , don't know if I care to eat anything from the ocean anymore either

  • moshe


    ----maybe, people may have already died from Japan's radiation-

    heathen - I stopped taking my omega fish oil capsules after Fukushima-

  • sammielee24

    I don't know - I think we've been screwed over for 70 years since the atomic bomb and if you look at the latest expose on Project Seal - the US/UK/NZ agreement in 1943 where they set off 3,000+ explosions around New Zealand to try and create a tsunami - what do you think all those explosions did to not only sea life, reefs, plant life but all the water? Now, they figured that if they could set off atomic bombs under the NZ shelf it could create enough of a tsunami to make a good 30 foot wave to wipe out the coastal towns and they could use that technology to kill off a bunch of coastal enemies and as of YET it doesn't look like they did but will we get another report next year that they were indeed blasting away under water for years? That would mean that radiation is all over the place and in all the waters and has been for years.

    What goes up must go down - all the nuclear testing done over all the years pushed radioactive particles into the air and the same governments that keep telling everyone that a little radiation is safe go on averages. If only a million people get sick and die, if it takes 20 years for another million to get cancer and die, if it results in only a million deformed babies, dead cattle, pets and contaminated food - the loss becomes collateral damage only. We put particles in the air - they fall on the plants and in the water sooner or later. We consume plant life, animal and water. That's how we live. We breathe the contaminated air. We contaminate the very land people in other countries live on and use - by dropping bombs on them. There really is no place left to hide. sammieswife

  • tootired2care

    It gets more interesting, who can forget Chernobyl, apparently the structure they built on top of it 20 years ago is close to breaching and they are in the process of building another super structure to contain the old container. The new container will last 100 years, this problem will be an ongoing issue for centuries as will Fukashima. Chernobyl and Fukashima are the only two category 7 incidents so far.


    If that spent fuel pool at Fukashima breaches it will be far worse than Chernobyl. The price we pay for electricity is indeed quite high!

  • tootired2care

    China now has 26 new reactors under construction http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/inf17.html, General Electric will make some great profits from this no doubt.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    everyone forgets about the one location where a nuclear meltdown did ocur in the states. Simi Valley, CA. Most of the employees there contracted cancer, and it still a nuclear mess. A few years ago fires took out a few of the buildings and lots of pretty colors were seen in the fire. We have no idea what burned

  • GromitSK

    Do you mean a build up of neutrons or did you actually mean neucleotides swamping the reaction? I thought nucleotides were related to DNA. Apologies if I got that wrong.

  • moshe
    mean neucleotides swamping the reaction?

    yes- isotopes- forgive my senior moment-

    - I wonder if a throrium fuel cycle will ever be commercially successful?

  • designs

    I was at a customer's home Sunday who works in nuclear medicine and he mentioned that Japan immediately had mother's stop nursing and dairy milk was stopped being produced from the region, also something about grasses and vegetables were put on a warning list to the Japanese. Surfrider Foundation and the Coastal Commission are conducting tests along the coast from Baja to Alaska. Oregon is in the front where currents from Japan will bring debris.

    If you are on the West Coast and want to support the permanent shutdown of San Onofre Nuclear Power plant we have Ed Begley Jr as our guest speaker for our Anniversary Event for the closure of San Onofre, Feb.1-3 starting at the San Clemente Community Center Friday. SanClementeGreen.org


  • GromitSK

    NP :)

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