how do you feel when you see JWs door-to-door?

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  • love2Bworldly

    How do you feel when you see JWs going door to door? I live in a gated community so I always tell the guard to kick them out when I see them. I also feel sorry for them when I see them because I remember how much I despised doing it

  • blondie

    They are violating the rules. People pay for having this privacy. They can use the phone or send a letter if they are afrarid of being bloodguilty. They skip our door anyway even though we are "only" inactive.

  • blondie

    *** km 9/09 p. 3 par. 3 Search Out Deserving Ones ***

    Perhaps you could witness to those in gated communities and restricted apartments by means of letters or the telephone.

    *** km 10/09 p. 2 par. 4 Telephone Witnessing Can Be Effective ***

    There are others who live in gated communities or in apartments with restricted entrance. Therefore, in an effort to accomplish our ministry more fully and thoroughly, consider using the effective method of telephone witnessing.

    I grew up on military bases and this is pretty much the same procedure as for gated communities

    High security restricted access

    To enter some gated communities, the person must be a registered resident with photo ID or the person must have a friend in the gated community who gives specific permission (via phone or internet) to the security guards at the gate to this effect "my friend Joe Smith will visit me in the next hour or so, his drivers licence number is XXXXXX, let him in".

    I wonder how these jws got past the guard unless someone else let them in? Does a jw live in this gated community that would do this?

  • cyberjesus


  • Finkelstein

    Sadly disgusted particularly if there's children there.

  • Ding


    ... hoping no one gets sucked in...

  • ABibleStudent

    I feel sorry for the R&F JWs. I wish that I could help them to see through their cult programming. It is not their fault that they were recruited into a dangerous cult. I know that I am thankful that I was not deceived by the WTBTS B.S.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • trujw

    Why not let them in Your home and witness too them? I love when they come to my door. I just ask a few questions and it is wonderful. We are educated about their beliefs why not start a conversation. We all needed a little help to learn the ttatt and I feel it is are duty to do so.

  • trujw

    How do I edit that is a horrible paragraph sorry

  • InterestedOne

    trujw: Click the icon in the upper right corner of your post (the icon looks like a pencil in a speech balloon). You have 30 minutes to edit your post before it becomes permanent.

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