NOT on : Jehovah's Witness Elder, WANTED in Santa Barbara, CA for Child abuse. Have you seen him?

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    Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office

    December 20, 2012

    Michael Johnson Norris 67 yrs, currently has a $250,000.00 warrant for several felonies including child molestation and attempted oral copulation of a child. Norris' last known address was in the Carpinteria area. If you have information regarding Norris' whereabouts please contact the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office Felony Fugitive Unit at 805-681-4142, or submit an anonymous tip at

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    Face-book comments.“ Michael Norris perpetrated these felonies while acting as an Elder in the Jehovah's Witnesses Carpinteria Congregation. Jehovah's Witnesses protect and harbor pedophiles. Please visit Michael Norris currently resides on a ranch 20 minutes outside of Quepos, Costa Rica. He regularly attends the Quepos English Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses in Costa Rica.”

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    More questions; Was this man a "shady craig" for JW children in Santa Barbara? Why would the "Holy Spirit " appoint such a person as an Elder? WHY does the Governing Body not cooperate with Ceasar in finding this child molester? What kind of people Shield child molesters?????????????

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  • Balaamsass

    If someone speaks Spanish, it would be a kindness to forward this info to the Costa Rican Newspapers! Parents need to be warned about this guy. Perhaps the government will cancel his VISA.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    that needs to be posted on all the pro JW facebook sites.

    Lets see if they pat themselves on the back with 'jah is great' over that one.


  • Balaamsass

    Great idea OZ. The other thread has the Pervs facebook address AND all his contacts.... I am sure they would like to know their "FB FRIEND" is a JW Perv. Perhaps their are more unreported victims of this guy in Costa Rica already.

    I am wondering if this guy was able to sell and gather cash for his flight because the WBTS once again mis-handled giving the police a heads up in a TIMELY manner.

    SLOW reporting has been at the heart of recent convictions and legal actions.

  • Tylinbrando

    All Facebook contacts have been alerted. Michael was able to abscond because of the failure of his immediate JW family members and local congregation elders not reporting to authorities.

  • flipper

    Disgusting. Pervs like this need to be turned into the authorities. It shows the lack of any moral compass whatsoever by the criminal wT Society and criminally negligent family and local congregation this a$$wipe was in. Pathetic. Thanks for posting this. I hope somebody DOES put it on all pro JW sites and facebook accounts of JWs

  • Tylinbrando

    I have personally spoken to over a dozen children that grew up under this man's eldership. While there were no recollections of being sexually abused, the overwhelming majority expressed feelings of disdain and even hatred for him. Common words were "creep" "asshole" etc... etc...

    Did holy spirit appoint him? Of course not. This man is a narcissistic bully. Despite his well established alchoholism, even driving his vehicle into the Pacific Ocean while DUI, his constant badgering and cock fighting with the local BOE was precursory to his "appointment" to the BOE. Every day I receive letters, IMs, PMs, text from current and former JWs detailing how this specific individual "Destroyed their life" Included in this clutch are past and present Elders, MSs, Pioneers, R&F. No one was immune to his tyranny.

    Will the Governing Body help expose and find this man? Of course not. Their stance is "he is no longer serving as an Elder or assosciated with Jehovah's Witnesses" DESPITE the fact that he still regularly attends the meeting at the Quepos, Costa Rica Congregation.Every Costa Rican news agency has been contacted and alerted to this story. Many of them are communication with the Embassy and local law enforcement.The Quepos Congregation Elders have been informed. Each publisher has been contacted and informed. NOT BY THE GOVERNING BODY BUT BY ME.

    Michael's Passport has been revoked. International travel will be flagged and detained.

    The other questions have been addressed I believe. Thank you Balaamsass for asking.

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