Doctrines that must change-- which ones?

by WildeLover 20 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • krejames

    I don't think the JWs are in any rush to change the blood doctrine at all. They're very proud of their hospital liaison committees and the fact that there are a growing number of hospitals and surgeons that don't use blood. I think rather than drop this doctrine the JWs feel vindicated. At most I could see them doing something about the individual blood fractions being a conscience matter as I know that has caused confusion.

    Same with disfellowshipping - I can't see the shunning being stopped any time soon. If anything the WT articles seem to be getting more and more extreme on this. Just recently we had a talk that said something a long the lines of, "how can you claim to be loyal to God if you carry on talking to disfellowshipped people including family members not living in the same home?"

    I too wonder whether the most likely changes will be around the old favourites: the 144000, the generation and maybe even 1914. Still, with regard to the latter, we are only 99 years on from then....we might still be just about within a generation by the skin of our teeth if Armageddon comes this year or next...

    I have also been wondering about the demise of Babylon the Great/"false religion". Repeatedly in articles and talks they have made clear they feel that false religion will be destroyed suddenly and unexpectedly and that it won't simply fade away. The signs are that religion is fading as society is getting more secular. So as time goes on, and assuming sudden destruction/armageddon doesn't happen (don't want to be presumptious!) I wonder whether that idea will change.

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