Doctrines that must change-- which ones?

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  • Phizzy

    Spot on James, but not one of the unique doctrines of the W.T is logical, nor supportable from scripture.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    The 'faith accompanied by works' teaching. My grandmother is sitting in a hospital bed slowly deteriorating, yet in order to remain 'faithful to the end', she keeps up this time reporting charade by keeping Watchtowers out for the nurses and doctors who are treating her. When she was in better condition, she called her unbelieving relatives and always spoke briefly about her religion. One of my great aunts made a note of this to me, and I told her about the time reporting requirement and that she wouldn't be considered as an active Witness if she missed a month, and wouldn't be one at all if 6 months passed. Something is inherently wrong with a religion that shames their elderly and infirm into selling their magazines for them from their deathbeds.

  • wasblind

    They have a problem of huge proportions with that though, their whole edifice is built upon it, all their claims are linked to it. Talk about built on sand !_______Phizzy

    Yes Phizzy

    The WTS claim that all of the bad stuff that happened in 1914 was because Satan was thrown down at that time

    " Matching world events to this prophecy is like matching a fingerprint to it's owner. There will not be someone else with the identical print. Likewise, the pattern of events that began in 1914 will not be repeated in some future generation."________Reasoning book page 242



  • wasblind

    James Woods

    Yes Las Marvinas, If Witnesses don't punch some time on their reports they won't get paid , as in ( Saved from destruction )

  • jgnat

    I'm with rip. Change the doctrines that are harming people by destroying relationships, silencing victims, protecting predators, or encouraging them to make life-threatening medical decisions.

  • kurtbethel

    This doctrine is rather dubious. Watchtower Jesus.

    Watchtower Jehovah's Witnesses Governing Body has created a Watchtower Jesus

  • prologos

    already touched on by previous posts: let them pick a card from the shaking swaying doctrinal edifice that is at the top:

    the two - tier membership as seen at THE MEMORIAL.

    already really, anyone can partake (Provided the refill bottle is kept under the table) but right now you have to declare yourself to

    a) believe in wt doctrine and

    b) declare yourself to be of the 144 000, deluded, mentaly unbalanced, deceived by past BG beliefs. so why not make it officialand

    let all partake? no questions asked? John chapter 6.

    That way, wt can blame the R&F as they usually do, no official doctrines have to be changed--yet, the doctrinal card-house can keep swaying for a while.

    If the army chaplin can put a wafer on the tongue of a dying soldier, that change is the least the wt can do for the fading, no-good slave porclaimers.

  • Finkelstein

    Staid doctrines that weaken the viability of the WTS. are the ones that eventuality get removed or changed,

    thats why I think 1914 will eventually be dropped out the dogma of the WTS.

    That year is just too past distant to hold any appealing relevance anymore.

    When that year is dropped, then new bullshit will appear to signify that mankind is living in the Last Days or the End Times.

    That you can count on.

  • MrFreeze

    The doctrine where the GB and the WT is the mouthpiece for God today and that we must be 100% obedient to the organization. If you take that one away, all the others fall.

  • fulltimestudent

    Who cares about their fairy stories, let them believe whatever silly stories that they want to believe. But there are (I suggest)- 2 things that they must change to be a civilised religion. (if there is such a thing?)

    1. Adherents must be able to leave with dignity and without punitive action on the part of believers whose 'faith' seems to be challenged when other (former) believers come to appreciate that they have made a mistake in joining the religion.

    2. They must genuinely adhere to the laws of the state, particularly in regard to crimes like child molestation, and not pretend that their imagined belief that they live under a 'higher' law, means that they can ignore the law of the state in which they live.

    Maybe there are other things - but they're the two that I think cause the most problems.

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