If Abraham had never lived...No Jewish nation, no Islam, no christianity

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  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I guess the guy really did, that he did as the bible says and that he fathered the Jewish nation, fathered by extension Islam and Christianity as well. Maybe he really did, because well, we have that trinity of belief systems existing that we cannot deny.

    Pretend with for a moment that he never did though. Lets pretend that the Jewish nation never came to be, that the Koran thus never got written, that the OT never got written, there was no jewish saviour prophecies uttered and that humanity made it through the last 4000 years or so without either of those three and their offshoots like christianity.

    What would history be like?

    We would have seen many wars, just none where christians, Muslims or Jews were involved in.

    We would have all the eastern and oriental religions still, and a good many of those had/have real great morals and values.

    We would have still the native, aboriginal peoples and their animal worship or whatever.

    I have no doubt that Rome would have been what it was, the ancient cultures with their culture and learning would still be there.

    Countries may be named differently, explorers would have had to fund their own shows.

    I also have no doubt that the industrial revolution would have still occured at some point in time, maybe sooner, maybe later but still would.

    Modern science and medicine would have still happened.

    Although all of them differ, they still have codes of conduct, laws, punishment, morals, ways to care for family, a sense of community.

    My point that I hope i am making soundly is that if the big three had never come to be, the world would be essentially the same. People being born people dying, nations rising and falling, the way of humanity would still be soldiering on, some parts of the globe would be in famine others in plenty, some would be wracked by war some would be in peace. Such is the way of humanity.

    My argument? The big three have not done ANYTHING significant to change the world, to make it a better place!

    I argue that in fact the world might just be a better place had Abraham not existed.

    Yes, if NOW the big three disapeared in a big puff of smoke or the UN crushed them all out of existance we would notice a huge vaccume. But I also think it would be very quickly filled by perhaps a fresher breath of air for humanity too.

    For three religions claiming to be almighty gods chosen ones, and who have dominated so much of the worlds recorded history, they have failed mankind in such big ways they they should all close themselves down in shame.

    The 'some good' thay they have done, is no greater than that of other cultures that have not been jewish, Muslim or Christian.


  • designs

    Mostly advances in science and medicine was men and women who broke away from these religions in some significant way. They had to reject the status quo and superstitions of their faith.

    'religion has held science back 1000 years' Bill Murray

  • brinjen

    What if the alternative had been worse than religion though? After all, it was a creation of man and one man not existing still wouldn't have changed the way of thinking for the rest of those who helped shape both the OT and the Koran. Just a thought.

  • Phizzy

    It is doubtful that the figure described in the Bible was really an historical figure, Abraham, along with Melchizedech and others owe much more to the art of fiction than they do to history.

    Having said that, the three most troublesome and blood letting religions on earth today claim him as the first real Church Father.

    If you are going to join a religion, one that has nothing to do with Abraham would seem a better choice, bad blood.

  • WTWizard

    There would be no sexual hang-ups. What we call "hate speech" would in fact be factual discussion. You would have racial segregation by geographical region, ensuring that each racial group has the climate that they are optimized for and that their cultures would be pure, undefiled by trying to mix them up. And no blacks being yanked out of Africa to be sold to whites in northern or southern climates as slaves--or "white guilt" because of whites being blamed for this.

    Wars might still exist. However, they would be short and to the point. They would amount to nothing more than property disputes, which would not be dragged on for decades or involve multiple nations ganging up to help or fight one nation. Peace would dominate most of the time.

    And, without these foul religions, government would be more about assisting the people than oppressing them. You don't see the kind of fraud from Rothschild-run banks that dominates the world, wasting wealth that otherwise could have been used for collectivist projects such as better roads, electrical infrastructure, and information about health that actually serves the people instead of the Rockefellers. The stock market as we know it wouldn't exist--instead, you own shares of companies, and derivatives are not allowed to move markets (or prop them up). This prevents bubbles and crashes. And, with a government-issued currency (usually backed with gold or silver), hyperinflation is not threatening--for sure, the debt based fiat currency would not exist. Science would advance instead of having to fit the LIE-ble or quran.

    Ultimately, we would have stayed in a Golden Age. The Abrahamic religions would never have been allowed to attempt to enslave humanity or suppress sexuality. Instead, each would work and keep their belongings. Yes, we would still have taxes. But these would pay for infrastructure and defense, not being wasted on stupid things like enriching the Rothschilds or rebuilding isra-hell's spent missiles. Your school would actually teach, and would face competition if it wasn't good enough. As such, your tax dollars would actually be spent wisely--your taxes would be much lower because it wouldn't be wasted supporting scum.

    And, those of us who tithe--what would having that 10% on the gross back feel like? And, you wouldn't need worry about scrambling to buy silver and gold--currency is sound. Instead, you would be able to invest in stock of companies that are actually pulling their own weight. Such companies would not waste money on the Rothschilds, or on global agendas they do their utmost to keep us silenced on. Or, you could actually enjoy things more. Like traveling with gas at around 15 pennies (copper pennies, at that) per gallon instead of 4-5 toilet papers with rationing threatening.

    Also, terms like "anti-Semite", which are hypocritical at best, wouldn't exist. If a group of people tried to enslave the world, for sure that would start a war. That war would be short, and quickly eliminate that threat. You get a group that tries to undermine health, they too start wars in which the culprits are quickly placed to rot in jail while everyone else prospers. And yes, "anti-Semite" is almost always used hypocritically. Anyone else notice that, while anyone who speaks bad against Jews, Christians, and/or Muslims is silenced--especially Jews? Yet, they speak bad, often behind our backs, against women and gays. They speak out in favor of slavery and torture, while they make so many regulations against sex that people cannot fully enjoy it. All three religions do this. If they are trying to enslave us, it needs to be exposed--not hidden behind all the fluff about homosexuality and polygamy being such rotten vices while slavery, torture, and even wife-beatings are condoned in the name of joke-hova, jesus, or allah.

  • unstopableravens

    wt are you saying mixed kids are defiled?i hope im reading you wrong

  • WTWizard

    "Mixed kids" are not defiled--however, when you take bits and pieces from every culture and mash them together, none of them are all the way there, Which prevents them from being fully enjoyed by anyone. It is a classic case of "Offend no one, please no one". That is inevitable when you get forced integration, enforced in the name of "political correctness".

    What is defiled is when blacks were forcibly kidnapped from Africa and sold as slaves elsewhere. Then their land was defiled, as was their government, so they wouldn't have a pure culture to return to. Those blacks were minding their own business until Abrahamic religions came in and kidnapped them--it's the religions that are defiled as the root cause of all this mishmush of cultures.

  • unstopableravens

    where they kidnappend or sold?

  • trailerfitter

    Empires have risen and fallen, but with each change has left it's legacy. You only need to see the English version of the days of the weeks' names to realise that part of history still remains and we use it every day with really knowing why the days are named after Norse gods.

    Pagan festvals remain due to christianiity although many would argue other wise.

    We still have society that was more or less organsied by the Romans even the calendar reflects this.

    Christianity will eventually pass away along with the other religions but wll leave its mark on humanity. If Abraham didn't exsist then sooner or later someone would have come up with the the God that is bigger than all the other Gods to use as a beating stick and a justification to impose their lifestyle onto others.

    Hopefully huminity is coming into the light by slowly realising the stone age religion does not fit todays culture...

  • OnTheWayOut

    I think we would have great scientists from what are now Muslim nations, and either Isis or Mithra would fill the role that Jesus took.

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