Speaking of stage play / film musicals ,what did you enjoy ?

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  • smiddy

    Here are a few of my favourites ,both film and stage , not in any order

    Seven Brides For Seven brothers, movie

    Oacklahoma ,movie

    As much as I hate to say so ,Sound Of Music ? It`s been flogged to death !,movie

    The King and I , stage and ,movie

    Li`L Abner , movie

    West Side Story , mrs smiddy saw a stage play in Melbourne and was not impressed , the guys were so girlish ? It just didn`t go down well, However we both enjoyed the film version .

    Les Miserables , Melbourne and Brisbane ,stage play , and older movie versions

    The Phantom Of The Opera , which we both saw in Melbourne and Brisbane on stage and again much older movie versions

    I`d like to hear of your favourites in musical theatre or film

    I might add I`m no theatre buff nor do I have any musical talents , I`m just the occasional fan.


  • Honeybucket

    moulin rouge movie ALL THE WAY!

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    Hi Smiddy,

    OK , I'm a hypocrite.

    I do love the 'Sound Of Music', I know the words to every song. I grew up with the LP.

    'The King and I' with the handsome Yul Brynner and Deborah Ker (sounds like car). I had the chance to see him before he died of lung cancer and I missed it. :-(

    I love Funny Girl. The first 2/3 only.

    As I said earlier, Caberet. I love doing my own renditions of Money and Mien Heir.

    Singing in the Rain. One of my favorite Gene Kelly movies and a loved song. (he does excelent dramitc roles in Inherit The Wind and Blackhand)

  • AGuest

    The Lion King was FANTASTIC!

    Les Mis (stage play and new movie)... both FANTASTIC!

    Phantom of the Opera was FANTASTIC!

    The Color Purple was really good.

    Dreamgirls was really good.

    Wicked was great.

    Dr. Atomic... seriously? Just like it sounded: Zzzzzzzzzzz...


    SA, on her own...

  • zeb

    fiddler on the roof.

  • lost1

    Phantom of the Opera was awesome. Friend got let down and had spare ticket and asked me to go. Great seats, half time wine (decent stuff in proper wine glass ) . My first experience with a bit of culture and can recommended it! Also We Will Rock You comes highly recommended as well.

  • SophieG

    The ones I remember vividly:


    Les Mis


    The Mikado

    On my list:


    Phantom ( -the movie: loved it)


    Wicked ( will go now that I heard there were specific parts of the book that traumatized me so badly that I could not finish it that are not in the play)

    Lion King

    All the latter have passed thru my city but going to the Theatre Disctrict here in my city gives me a rash!

  • cantleave

    I love things like The Rocky Horror Show, Return to the Forbidden Planet and The Little Shop of Horrors.

  • cobaltcupcake


  • 88JM

    I am quite a fan of Audrey Hepburn's work, though I know she couldn't really sing - the great Marni Nixon dubbed for her in "My Fair Lady", but I love the film and Rex Harrison's performance also.

    As for stage plays, I also like Hepburn's performance in "Wait Until Dark" - would have loved to see the actual stage production where they turned the lights off for the final scene!

    ps. eva luna - did you see the anti-smoking commercial with Yul Brynner? His voice is so awesome, and a really powerful advert I thought:


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