Too old for an IPAD!

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  • tiki

    depends on the person - some elderly pick up on technology and enjoy and get good use out of it.....others are completely buffooned. but to get it just to stand out or look like something you aren't is nothing more than a colossal waste of $$$

  • jgnat

    iPads were designed for computer illiterates! Get her one! I recommend it to all the grandmas in town. Make sure it is loaded with Skype so she can see her grandkids more often.

    Brain Teaser App to keep her mind agile.

  • BroMac

    this is what happens when you get a full service meeting about in the KM. The over 60's start to think they need an iPad or Smartphone to use on the ministry. Forgetting how long it takes them to send a text on the one they got now or how to set the TV to record.

  • Gayle

    Maybe the WTS will re-start Book Study Meetings again in your local neighborhoods for Ipod, Ipad, and computer classes! :) Or, part of a new Bible Study plan, using these products. Just think how the Bible Studies will increase then.

  • BluesBrother

    I concur with Aussie Oz. 72 may seem old to some of you, but really it is no age at all.......

    NB I just read a thread on J W TAlk commending the "older ones" in her congregation for all wanting to get tablets and stuff following the recent K M on the updated site and the use of them in the Ministry. I guess they realise that they will be left behind.

    Maybe they will update their local communications with them, replace report slips with emails and texts , and a whole load of things that would save time.

  • kurtbethel


    My auntie enjoyed her iPad for email, web surfing and games at age 85.

    Age isn't an issue here. Unwillingness to do new things is.

  • MrFreeze

    If she wants the iPad, what is the issue? You are never too old for technology!

    kurtbethel is right. Age isn't an issue. Stubborness would be the issue and that doesn't seem the case here.

  • likeabird

    Why does it have to be an Ipad? Surely there're are other tablets on the market at a fraction of the price and as functional for all the use that is going to be put into it.

    Or is it that this hunch I have might turn out to be true down the road. Could it be that the borg is deliberately developing their stuff for Apple products so they can strike a deal with Apple (of course pocketing a good percentage in the process, as they do when getting us to book certain hotels) to get everyone to get an Ipad...?

    Say the Ipad costs $500, as mentioned higher up in the page, and they get 5% on every tablet ordered via a special code through Apple - thats $25. In the U.S. there are about a million publishers. If each ordered a tablet - that's $25 million - like that. If only 40% order a tablet, that's still $10 million in there pockets, and not counting the other 6 million pubs in the world. My math is probably way off, but it could be an interesting business venture.

    Just wondering, that's all.

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