The NEXT New Light

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  • problemaddict

    So I am pretty sure some long timers here, as well as Franz, essentially predicted the next "new light" by simply picking out the inconsistant non-sustainable beliefs that had expiration dates as to freshness.

    If I am not mistaken, Franz said this was the generation teaching at the time he wrote his book.

    So......what do you guys think is next? Seriously.

  • erbie

    Just a continued, growing sense of disillusionment I would imagine.

    I think it will die a very, very slow death.

    It may never die completely in the literal sense so don't hold your breath.

    A far worse punishment for the WT is the majority of people's dismissive stance toward it.

    Nobody likes being ignored or not being taken seriously. It destroys the soul.

    Presuming they have one!

  • Emery

    1914 will be relegated to a fullfillment of a minor prophecy and Jesus being King will be future.

  • Phizzy

    I don't think the actual leaders (those behind the GB yanking their chain) actually have "soul" in the way you mean. For the sake of $$$ they continue to murder in the name of their Blood doctrine, which they are only reversing out of slowly over the years to avoid Law Suits.

    I think they are in the postion of having to bring on some New Lighr P.D.Q

    2014 loometh, and 100years and two things have happened, i.e not much and sod all, is going to cause every J.W to question more, to doubt more, to feel the pain of Cognitive Dissonance more.

    The generation thing as they have spun it is nicely open-ended, but 1914 is a house of cards once examined, they need to spin away from their rigid attachment to that year.

    What they cannot do is simply hope it will sink and be forgotten, as Rutherford's 1925 was, they have crowed about their wonderful perspicacity in pointing to 1914 for too long.

    What they need to do is change the significance of the year slightly, but still allow for the G.B to claim legitamacy because of it.

    Politicians with doubtful pasts should watch and learn from what they do, they will re-write history, etymology, semantics, even the Bible if they need to, but they will manage to drop the corpse that hangs around their neck.

    1914 will go down the drain.

  • sir82

    At some point the 144,000 will be determined to be symbolic - that's virtually guaranteed as the number of partakers spirals upward by about 1000 new ones each year.

    I would not be surprised to see the DF / automatic disassociation for blood transfusions demoted to a "conscience matter". Most JWs would still refuse it anyway.

    There may come a time when marrying an "unbeliever" would be promoted to a DF offense.

    Any future change will be due to one of the following reasons:

    1) Reduce legal liability

    2) Improve cash flow

    3) Increase control / fear of the flock

    4) Eliminate egregious fallacies in current doctrine (e.g. changing the definition of "generation" when that generation, by the then-definition of the term, were all dead or nearly dead)

  • LostGeneration

    Sir touched on it, but they only make changes for legal and monetary reasons.

    Their batshitcrazy doctrine could declare that they are now worshippers of Satan and 75% would still stay.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    They will never dump 1914, and especially not that they have just strengthened the importance of 1919, which is intimately linked to 1914, and recently staunchly defended their 607BCE chronology. The fact that WW1 started in 1914 will always be regarded as proof of the validity of the chronology.

    But what they may contemplate doing is reducing the importance ascribed to the date. They may, for example, shove everything still linked to 1914, including Christ's enthronement as King, into the future, and reduce 1914 to merely being the date Jesus returned 'spiritually' in the sense of examining Christendom, cleansing his spiritual temple, and appointing the Watchtower Society as his FDS. The recent new light about the FDS might suggest this is what they are slowly leading up to, but I suspect it is going to take the deaths of a few more 'old-schoolers' on the GB before it happens.

  • problemaddict

    I agree with sir as far as the intent of the changes. I would like ot think that the blood issue will turn to the individual conscience, but I don't see it happening. its so core, that it could seem as "defeat" in a sense.

    Also, from recent info from elders meetings, it seems they are tightening the reigns on DF'ing even recently.

    I don't think 100 years sicne 1914 means anything to an active JW. It only means something to this community. 1914 seems so core as well, it is hard to imagine it being done away with. its the semi-peripheral things like the generation, the technicalities around the FDS, the blood fractions; that seem to make MASSIVE changes while allowing them to keep status quo. So I think the perspective from us is things like the literalness of the 144K, the staunch adherance to 1914 as prophetic, and even blood, is that those teachings have had their time because they are indefensible. But that is not historically how they adjust their flock right?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    If the number of unleavened bread partakers keep increasing, despite the call to ignore and marginilize them continues, I see an end to counting them.

    1914 will continue to morphe, as to it's meaning and prophecy fullfillment. After all, they were supposed to be called up. As before, they will tie some unrelated event to it, and call it a fullfillment.

  • Phizzy

    That was along the lines I was thinking Yadders, but they need to do it sooner rather than later to avoid a big slow down, if not exodus, by the old faithful.

    The problem is that their new Light struggles for credibility even with the dyed in the wool Dubs, and too much Noo Lite too often will be its own problem.

    I watch as they wriggle and squirm with interest.

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