So, No Evidence For Solomon... How About The Other OT Superstars?

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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    So, as we've seen, there is no independent, epigraphical extra-Biblical evidence from archeology for Solomon; then what about Joshua, Samuel, Joseph, Samson, etc., etc.?

  • Phizzy

    What about this God fella ? there must be some evidence for Him.

  • cantleave

    Well there is no evidence of a mass Exodus from Egypt and a 40 year trek in the Wilderness (not even any miracle shoes that never wear out!).

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    How dare you!!

    (searches frantically through the evidence)

    OK carry on.....

  • Phizzy

    Its quite a thought when it first strikes you that the stories we took as history are mostly fictions written around the 6th Century B.C or later.

    Probaly good old Ezra had most to do with it, and his agenda was to build the faith of the returnees from Babylon, so that they would build a nation.

    I guess historical truth, that David's "kingdom" was a tiny fraction of the territory that it was claimed it covered etc etc mattered little, he was writing propaganda, not objective accurate history.

  • sd-7

    So...where can I research this issue? Solomon didn't exist? I've heard this before, makes it all seem kinda odd to me. I mean, does this relegate these stories to ancient comic books or something? Kind of a bummer.

    I did wonder about the Exodus, too, having heard alternative ideas about what happened. The one lingering question left in the Bible account is, wouldn't there be some proof of the death of an Egyptian pharaoh at that time, even if it was a b.s. Egyptian story about a transition of power to a new pharaoh? I've never really given thought to it or done any research on it. know how obsessive I am, don't give me another project that I'll be up all night researching...


  • transhuman68

    This book review at Wiki is a good place to start...

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I can't recall how many plagues there were in Egypt. If a country was so devestated, one would expect to find historical evidence of it. Indeed, not only Egyptians would write about it but surrounding countries commentaries would mention it.

    I can't imagine what is like to grow up without these stories. There was less of a secular presence when I grew up. Of course, current born-ins face the same situation.

    There is nothing exceptional about Israel.

    If you crossed the Red Sea, left slavery, saw the Egyptians destroyed...would you return to the worship of golden calves so soon? I would behave myself.

  • mP


    Just like the Bible authors copied myths from Mesopotamia such as Noah, they borrowed truely great kings and pretended they were Jewish. Solomon existed the only problem is he was not Jewish ,he was Egyptian. There are many interesting articles with wiki a good start that show just how many coincidences between the Bible Solomon and Amenhotep III( i think it was him). A3 built the worlds largest temple, even today Karnak in Egypt. He used the services of a guy from Tyre with a name like Hiram etc. The more you look you will see there are many items copied. The sad thing is most peple dont do the research adn see whats right in front of them because they want to believe in what they know simply doesnt exist.

  • Richard_I

    I always wondered about the prophets isaiah, jeremiah, and the minor ones... why arent they written anywhere if they spoke of prophecies that came true (e.g. nineveh destruction)? from what god told them to say, they woulkd have to stand in a city center and speak for like 10 hours straight, surely that would be a feat in itself in their day?

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