Why don't JWs get classified as a Cult instead of a Religion under the Law?

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  • WTWizard

    I never understand how a religion that misrepresents itself as pure Christian, but is in fact half Jewish, can get away without getting shut down for fraud. If you wish to have a half Jewish religion, so be it--just be honest about it and not bill it as all Christian.

    Additionally, there is fraud within the doctrines. They tell the public one thing about so many issues--blood transfusions and seeking normal careers among these. Yet, they enforce something totally different and it's against the members. They create an image of a reasonably normal people, while their idea of entertainment is sitting around listening to Kingdumb maladies and watching washtowel videos while playing washtowel trivia. And those "careers" include pious-sneering, going to Beth Hell, and [men only--sex discrimination] being hounders.

    Besides, this religion is one of the most guilt tripping ones around. You want to cut back on activity--you get Brother Hounder to hound you. You play normal music, they find something wrong with it and if they can't, they make something. You partake in fun, you are hounded that it could have been spent on field circus (I wonder how many children miss school class trips because of this rubbish). They find you have money or that you are preparing for hyperinflation and/or a major energy crisis, you "need to trust in joke-hova" and throw the money in the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund instead of "wasting" it on batteries, lanterns, a generator, chargers, and/or silver. And just try taking a month off and see what happens.

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