Interesting District Convention News.....

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  • trebor

    This game-plan has been in effect for a while. My last conventions in mid 2000's ended having all assemblies, including the District Convention at the Newburgh Assembly Hall (Off I-84) in New York.

    Congregations went to Yankee Stadium for decades, moved to Nassau Coliseum for a few years, only to have what was supposed to be just a Circuit Assembly meeting place (Which use to be in Monroe, NY), all falling into a relatively newly built (7 or so years ago) Assembly Hall in Newburgh, NY.

    Again, last I was at one was mid 2000s, around 2007 that was the official arrangement for many congregations. No more Nassau, everything at Newburgh.

  • Jim_TX

    And for singles, you were now stuck looking around the same shallow gene pool in the same AH scenery.

    Nah - that's when they need to get creative, and go to the assemblies they are not assigned to. Just like they've always done.

  • BluesBrother

    Perhaps it is an experiment? I know that over here the D.Conventions are planned as normal next year. It seems to go against what they have always said, and there was a recent WT article about the value of large conventions....Still, look what happened to the Group Studies

  • moshe

    my billboard- can't wait for 2014


    Jehovah's Witnesses are celebrating 100 years of, Nothing has happened.


    dang it, why wait another year?

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    The same thing is said to be coming to northern California. If they are not announcing it world wide perhaps it is a dodge to keep those who still have to fork over the big money for the SOS to keep from feeling screwed?

  • problemaddict

    Well......I don't think its an end to the DC's. But it makes sense as a cost cutting measure. In more densely populated areas, or where it still isn't expensive, it makes sense to keep the status quo.

    Marvin, why would the organization be concerned about 2014? Just curious as to your thoughts.

  • SophieG

    I heard about them moving DC the AH in Texas also sometime last year. They lost a really good location to a local church who did not want to share space with JWs. HA!!!

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    Hayes Bridge in the UK (one of 2 AH's in the London area) was used for DC's in 2012.

    What kind of DC was that Besty? Foreign language or Sign language maybe? I had not heard of that.

    Here on the South Coast, Hayes Bridge is our AH of course, but we all went to the new AMEX stadium for the DC and are going there again this year.

    The problem with holding DC's at AH's such as Hayes Bridge is there are not many spare weekends during the year. One obvious solution would be to hold them mid-week but can you imagine how poorly they would be attended. As several have pointed out, Friday is rapidly becoming a non-event.


  • Justnowout

    I heard that at my old hall they are going as usual to a place 2 hours away, but its not being announced till next week in the usa

  • yknot

    We are still having ours at a rented venue in 2013.....

    If they make this switch I think it is financially wise on two fronts....

    1) they own it and that increases their profit

    2) excuse to build a few more assembly halls

    (Please, Yahweh build them in a fun city and not out in BFE)

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