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    Well, doo-dah, dear Metatron (peace and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours!): I KNEW there was a reason I was dragging my feet about becoming a lawyer! Given the attorneys I know (including some I've come to know [of] recently, particularly in various Internet communities)... and I know quite a few, given my employment background and education... coupled with the folks I went to law school with... I just haven't been able to bring myself to pursue it as some would like me to/think I should.

    Not that there's anything "wrong" with such folks (well, that does depend on who you ask) - for me, it's just the level of a lack of "tender compassion" required to BE an attorney just doesn't appeal to me (yeah, I know: some call it "objectivity", which I am highly able to exercise, hence, the jobs I normally have, but goodness, not to the nth degree!). As an attorney, I would almost HAVE to agree with the position of my client... and for me, I KNOW that would not always be possible. And no, not because the law requires you to do so (the word is that ethics are supposed to keep you from doing so if you can't/shouldn't. Yeah, right - how many of YOU know of an ethical lawyer? Okay, so you know, what, one? Maybe two? I'm sure it's less than five).

    No, the reason is that you don't get to be a very successful attorney not "winning" for your client. So, you do what you have to do... including looking for/using... even creating... "loopholes"... to benefit your client. Why? Because imagine what you business would look like if word got out that you WEREN'T a "winning" attorney? (Theme to "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" plays in background... as tumbleweed rolls past...). And that's not just in criminal law (I recently came to know of a very high-powered... as in $850/hour... estate planning attorney who created a "defective" trust because that's what his high-paying client WANTED. You think he was going to turn away creating a trust, which, in this case, takes WEEKS of hours... given the value of the assets to be "protected"... at $850 an hour?? Given the number of attorneys... and therefore competition... in California?? Yeah, you go on thinking that...

    On top of that, the bottom line in some states (California among them) is that you MUST protect the RIGHTS of your client... even if you think your client is wrong (in some states, California among them, you can be disbarred for revealing that your client IS guilty, DID commit that murder, once you've taken them on as a client! In that capacity, YOUR job is to protect THEIR rights... and until they're convicted, they have rights. So, you either have to make up stuff to protect your client (okay, his/her rights, yeah)... or come up with some kind of strategy to extract yourself from the case without being sanctioned by the court. Who has TIME for that?

    No doubt, one (or more) of our few resident attorneys are probably going to disagree with me. Okay, feel free. But I would offer to those who are NOT attorneys: why would a successfully practicing attorney even bother with such a website (when would they have the TIME?? You don't have to be ambulatory to practice law)... and why do SO many absolutely and utterly HATE attorneys? Trust me, it's NOT jealousy.

    There is a reason they wait until the second half of your third year of law school to teach "Professional Responsibility": you're now committed. You've now paid a gazillion dollars. To quit then... and not recoup SOME of your money (which being an attorney might allow you do do)... is considered ludicrous.

    Again, not trying to put down attorneys, per se. Just trying to give folks who might not know (because they didn't attend law school)... and bit of an "inside" scoop. There is a reason why lawyering is not only perhaps a haven for psychopaths... but one of if not THE most hated (by non-lawyers) professions in THIS country.

    Now, I haven't absolutely written such a career off entirely. I may use it in my old age - do a simply will/trust, here or there... file some UD actions/answers... some (better) paid mediation. But nothing big. I sure ain't in no rush to join the ranks just yet, though. 'Cause I still have a LITTLE bit of compassion in me. Most attorneys do not (and I said most... before house counsel starts whining). They can't. The profession really doesn't allow for it.

    Just my $0.02... and thanks. I think I needed to get that out.


    A slave of Christ,

    SA, just keepin' it real...


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    Shoot, I thought you were gonna put up a pic of Gordon Ramsey, dear OUTLAW! LOLOLOL!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR... and the greatest of love and peace to you, dear friend! I hope 2013 turns out to be ALL that you hope and need it to be!

    YSFS of Christ... to time indefinite,



    Good Morning ((Shelby!!))..

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    Hey Outlaw,

    My good friend Dave went to Peru and he told me about guinea pig pie- I googled it and this is what it looks like- I wonder what size glass of draft beer that is?


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    Shelby, my son loves Gordon Ramsey. He even drew a picture of him. He watches GR videos on YouTube. I think he may either become an artist or a cook.

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    finally awake

    number 10 on the list of most psychopathic is civil servant. I wonder what that says about me?

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    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Metatron, thank you for this thread.

    Yes. There are psychopaths among us, of course there are. Statistically it must be so. When you've drunk the Kool-Aid, everyone seems the same. You might have question marks about something, but you stop yourself from acknowledging what you truly do see. Now, you are out of the Borg. So, what did you truly see?

    We all have dealt with them in our Witness world. It is not funny at all.

    You said to check out what you know of the higher up Elders among your own known JW world. The local Elders, City Overseer, Head of the Regional Building Committee, CO's, DO's, Bethel Overseers, GB members, past and present. How do they measure up? Are they cruel? Heartless? Uncaring? Egotistical?

    Do they give talks on love, but you personally have not seen them be loving or are known to be even truly kind? Have any of those elders ever talked down to you? Regularly? Do they and their people break the rules that they themselves will DF you and your family for? We all know how common that is. It is more that plain favoritism, it treads on the sadistic. Then because the rules keep changing, you never know quite how you stand? So you are afraid? Fear marks so much of the enviroment of the Witnesses.

    As a JW, have you ever felt manipulated and used? Bingo!


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