Who was the FDS from 1931 till Rutherford died ???

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  • Phizzy

    In 1931 Rutherford disbanded the Editorial team that Russell had stipulated in his Will. This was so that they would not interfere with Rutherfords flow of marvellous spiritual gobbits.

    So, from 1931 until his death (1942?), Rutherford's pen alone produced the W.T output of doctrine.

    So, he must have, alone, been the FDS for those years, no one else was performing the function that the Noo Lite says is done by the FDS during those years.

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Interesting Phizzy... I didn't know that... If this were true, then there really was no FDS (or GB) between '31 and '42 since the current "Nu-Lite" definition of FDS is: "A governing body that works together to dispense spiritual food at the appropriate time"

    So, by the Watchtower's own "Nu-Lite" definition, there has to be a "body" (more than 2 people?) working together to dispense this "spiritual food" since one person working alone is NOT considered a body.

    It appears the Watchtower has some serious explaining to do. First they say that the FDS existed perpetually since 33AD and that one generation of this FDS fed the next generation until the present day... Then they finally realize that most people aren't that stupid so they decide to use 1918/1919 as a starting point (still incredible but slightly more credible than 33AD) and limit them to two overlapping generations (even though Jesus only mentioned one). Now they apparently have an 11-year gap unaccounted for... So when Jesus mentioned the word "generation" he evidently meant two (2) overlapping generations with an 11-year gap in the 1st generation...

    They really do make this shit up as they go along, don't they?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    yea and all they would have to say is that Rutherford consulted others in his writings. There's your GB.

    Yep they do make it up as they go

  • wannabefree

    responsible ones serving at world headquarters ... how much more information do you need you of little faith?

  • moshe

    Rutherford wasn't alone, he had some creative help from his partner, Old Grand Dad whiskey. I imagine he was out celebrating the repeal of prohibition, too-

  • Vanderhoven7

    Hope you guys don't mind, but I adapted this thread on the following site


  • OnTheWayOut

    Someone with the time and desire can look it up, but the average JW is supposed to believe that a "Governing Body" was already in place under a different title: The Board of Directors.

    I mean, they are already told that JFR and his associates were put in prison and released in a wonderful way that fulfills prophecy, so of course a JW would assume they were the governing body.

    It is only truly enlightened former JW's and a handful of active JW's that know that JFR was fully in charge of the "spiritual food" when he was president, and that such a condition continued through Knorr's tenure, although he let Fred Franz write most of the new light. It is only those same enlightened ones that know that Fred Franz opposed a governing body. Others are just supposed to be amazed that Watchtower is so wonderful and always was so wonderful and everybody got along and cooperated with each other at Brooklyn- except that nasty apostate, Ray Franz (if they know anything at all about him- I did not until I was enlightened.)

  • wasblind

    They really do make this shit up as they go along, don't they?______Calebs airplane

    It's like instant grits. Jus' add hot water

    Wit instant shit, It come out their mouth wit hot air


  • Finkelstein

    Rutherford should have written a book entitled " Better living through Religious Charlatanism "

    or " How to Exploit and Manipulate people by Using Religion "

    Good point by the way Phizzy

    Yes folks here's a picture of god's earthly chosen FDL standing beside his lavish home and extremely expensive Cadillac

    probably just about to take out his mistress (not his wife ) out on the town.

  • wasblind

    It was Rutherford ( probably in a drunken stooper ) who decided to over ride The authority of Jesus in ACTS 1:8

    By changin' the name to Jehovah"s Witnesses

    What Witnesses fail to realize is ISAIAH 43:12

    was quoted before the birth, death , and resurrection of the Christ

    After his resurrection Jesus said he was given the Authority in Matthew 28:18

    to be able to tell the apostles to be witnesses of himself in Acts 1:8

    Rutherford really had the gonads to try and take that authority away from the Christ


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