AWAKE! misquote concerning Higher Education

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    This was from a 2000 AWAKE, and there were no references given in a footnote. This is all that was said " " wrote the early 20th-century scholar William Lyon Phelps "

    Wasblind, LOL!! I do not want a Sunday School teacher working on my brain! Unless they are a Sunday school teacher who went to college and studied brain surgery. Good point!

    This makes me wonder what else is in the CD Library?? I could be lazy and just let JWfacts do all the work I guess. It's just funny. I saw the word " education ", and decided to fact check with the internet. It was that easy...

    Tornapart, HI!!!!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    This reminds me of the blatent misquotes on education about 5 years ago. They completely changed up the article they were quoting. It was so bad even my wife had to admit is was just wrong.

    It's either arrogance that they do this in this day and age where anything can get confirmed with a few key strokes, or just lost in technology


    More like delusion. What's that scripture about thinking you are a Queen who will never see defeat or poverty? The phrase " Too big to fail " comes to mind. They are a legend in their own mind.

  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition
    Just one little sentence adds so much more to the story.

    That's the truth! Good catch Data.

  • goatshapeddemon

    Disgusting. Typical. I've heard that some people have told the WTBS to never quote them again because of how often they quote the exact opposite of what was meant. They're no better than politicians.

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    On top of the misquote, this is a typical "appeal to authority".

    Why should I live my life according to what someone though about education?


    I have heard some " spiritual food " that was like some Presidential speeches, I learned nothing, no real answers were ever given. It's kind of funny if you compare JW talks to interviews with Coaches in the NFL.

    Journalist: So Coach, it's the big game today. What can you tell the fans? How do you plan to reach your goals? What's your strategy?

    Coach: Uhhh, Yeah.. Well, we are gonna go do our thing and play ball. We will try to score and we don't want to not score. You know, just do it and what not...

  • wasblind

    DATA-DAWG !!!!!

    I might go back to the KH for my next physical exam. The Worldly Docs don't know squat

  • blondie

    Actually it is serious and misrepresents the author, in this case one who died in 1943 and can't defend himself.

    There was a video on the old that misquoted an abuse expert. When she was informed it misquoted her, it was removed that same day per her request.

    Check every quote the WTS for context. Many are misquoted, leaving off important words.


    Thank you Blondi. I will be doing that from now on.

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