On the Eve of 2013, Predictions

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  • GLTirebiter

    In late December 2013, people will be making predictions about 2014 (while ignoring all their 2013 predicitions that didn't happen).

  • emperorslaundrist

    my 10 predictions :)

    1. Quarter machines installed on all bathroom doors

    2. more foreign language groups with smaller territories

    3. tracts counted as 'placements'

    4. pioneers become able to count the time they spend helping elderly witnesses

    5. Young People Ask 'Should I Cosplay?' NO!

    6. emphasis shifted from growth in the end-times to the 'remnant' of loyal ones who don't betray their brothers or leave

    7. Nu lite on the ransom

    8. ditching the 5 minute talks for sisters, gets replaced by more short demos

    9. tithing, small at first to test the waters

    10. 'kingdom halls' are heretofore to be known as 'temples'... oops that one's taken

    happy new year


    Alicia Keys makes a crappy CD. Oh wait, that already happened. Uhmmm... The END will come in your lifetime!!! Tithing is a good one, and having to sign a loyalty oath.

  • smiddy

    The society will shed new light on the old light they discarded before they got this new light to replace the old new light to shed new light on 2014 .


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    The watchtower will become a 8 page fold out tract

    The awake will become on-line only

    The study watchtower will be downloaded and printed by the congregation for the rank and file

    There will be 3 more 'conti' type cases

    The WTBTS will win the conti appeal and only local elders will be able to be charged

    One GB member will defect to the Mormons

    The remnant will be applied to the rank and file

    Special pioneers will be appointed to set up and use pro JW websites and blogs

    All WT dates will be moved forward 100 years.

    thats my shots...


  • moshe

    Martial Law will be declared in California.

  • sd-7

    1. The next Transformers movie will suck more than the last one.

    2. Star Trek will go Into Darkness.

    3. Smaug will be Desolated.

    4. A Man of Steel will soar into the air.

    5. One spark will lead to Catching Fire.

    6. Iron Man will create a new Iron Man suit that looks cooler than the last one.

    7. I will remain a doormat.

    8. I will buy more books and read them.


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