Its all very simple, God is Energy

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  • bohm

    How it works:

    Theist: Let me explain, God is energy.

    Atheist: Okay but i thought energy was.. (read up the textbook definition)

    Theist: Thats not what i mean! God is energy, as in the source of life!

    Atheist: But isnt life... source... i am confused. Can you explain that further?

    Theist: Yes, I believe God made life, and he is energy, and i use energy as in the source of life.

    Atheist: That sound suspiciously circular..

    Theist: Its very simple, I claim God made X, and I define God as what made X come about, no circularity there, and I call that energy!

    Atheist: That sound very plausible, I guess physics has been wrong about the concept of energy all along?

    Theist: Precisely! They are scientists, after all -- if you limit yourself to what you can actually verify as being true you tend to get things very wrong, just look at all the times that method has gotten details in the bible wrong

    Atheist: Let me try: God is Bird. I define Bird as the source of life?

    Theist: Precisely! See how simple and profound it is? This way, you both arrive at a perfectly valid definition of God and Bird at the same time (two Gods with one stone..), despite what those ontologists i their limited scientific understanding try to shoehorn Bird into meaning!

    (former) Atheist: I am convinced now! What happends if i use another term than energy?

    Theist: Thats the amazing thing, the definition is equally sound! If you want a bit more eastern flavor, you can try with a random term from a science textbook on quantum mechanics. Deepak Chopra has arrived at some remarkable insights that way.

    (former) Atheist: Wow. I just listened to one of his lectures on youtube, its amazing he can do all that hard work while understanding absolutely nothing about quantum mechanics, i will make sure to bring him up on various discussion forum in the same context as actual scientists. But i think i will stick to energy for now, thanks!

  • Satanus

    The wt has used that reasoning in explaining the creation; god converted a bit of his energy into the matter of the universe. They ridicule the standard churches for saying that he made it out of nothing. Along the church theology, now, some scientists are saying that the universe came from nothing, but that the nothing was really something. Sounds strange.


  • Satanus

    Thing is, the wt thought it was being all sciency and rational w its energy to matter creation blurb. It would be funny if the standard churches were closer to the truth w their ex nihilo doctrine.


  • bohm

    Satanus: I dont blame them; i imagine some poor overworked bethelite was given the task of writing something, and he just gave it his best shot :-).


    They have told you a lot of fibs about God. God is love, peace, harmony. He is whatever you want him to be. He is everywhere man, you just have to look around. He is in you, he is in me, he is outside of everyone. He is sex, food, dope, anything that you enjoy. He is energy, atomic, power, yeah awesome. You just gotta chill and feel the vibes man.

  • cantleave

    Bohm - you forget god is OUTSIDE space and time. He beyond our comprehension. He doesn't need to be falsifiable. He is not only energy but is also all emotion. He is meta-physical and supernatural.

    Yeah that's right he is whatever the fuck you want him to be.......

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    If god is energy, we could have used him after Sandy.

    Those damn generators are expensive!

  • bohm

    I was thinking about why this type of definition is unsound, its not because god is defined by having certain properties, it is because the properties have no tangible meaning and does not allow us to reliably reason about other properties of god.

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