A fun ridiculous JW story

by ilikecheese 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • scary21

    I am so glad my mom was not one of those so crazy over the top JW. We played with kids in our neighborhood and ate their Easter candy. When someone gave us a Christmas present, we just said thank you so much. And my mom would make it up to them at another time.. Don't those over the top JW know they are doing more harm then good as far as turning people OFF to ever listening to them at the door... ... ???

  • Heath N
    Heath N

    An end-of-the-year company bonus is presented as a Christmas gift.....should a JW accept it???

  • poppers

    What a douche bag. Did this person expect everyone to know about all of the restrictive practices of their religion? More likely it just shows that despite all of their efforts most people know next to nothing about them.

  • kurtbethel

    That is ridiculous, a JW making JWs look like cultish loonies.

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