How old are you?

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  • mouthy

    was blind .I try!!!
    tiki.Go to the wash room & was out your mouth I dont want to live that long....But if you think I'm feisty
    You should have seen me shoveling the snow a few minits ago. Nearly broke my ruddy neck LOL
    But I ask my friend Jesus" watch over me please ,"so he held me up He's the best hubby,friend,neighbour,
    Saviour I could ask for.....

    Mouthy as ever

  • AGuest
    I want you ALL to remember to post a memorial on here....

    Oh, dear Lordy, Miz Grace (peace to you, dear!)... BITE YOUR TONGUE, girl! I don't know if you're aware but posting memorials regarding members of this board is a SERIOUS NO-NO... and results in great "tribulation" coming upon the forum! Lord knows, we don't need that hear - the real one will come soon enough!

    Just needs the day of death

    Okay, now... bite it HARD, girl. 'Til you taste blood... then come and let us all know that you did... so's we know you're still A-OK!

    Stay awhile longer, dear one. A LONG while longer. NO need to rush!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


  • mouthy

    AGUEST!!!!!I didnt know that. But I dont bite my tongue EVER!!!! It hurts.

    I KNOW that we can post memorials on here what about OOMPA??? DANSK??
    so many others who passed from this site.... Inez... I remember them all.
    I am sorry your a slave!!!of Christ, I am HIS friend. He told me back in 1989
    At the" Witnesses Now For Jesus"convention, I didnt have to slave any more
    I have ears & I listened....

    Happy New Year to you ....

  • thecrushed
  • prologos

    mouthy, now that is a good idea, its cut in stone that you do not hope to never die. I already made my own coffin, patterned after the last popes' casket, using first millenium technology. when asked about my "lack of faith", I say "to the contrary, its prepared just in case I am one of the 144 000". I am an octogenarian like you. its not health foods, not pills, its genes. So how do we assure passing them on? My method? not algorithm*. but the old and proven way. my youngest daughter is 10 months old. * another current topic

    So: the question should be re-phrased:

    re:How young are you?

  • dazed but not confused
  • MsGrowingGirl20
  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    48 and 3/4

  • ohiocowboy

    17,565 days old or 48 years.

  • Lozhasleft

    The wrong side of 50, s'all I'm sayin.

    Loz x

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