Report 2012. How many "real" Biblestudies are they in Jehovah's Witnesses??

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  • emperorslaundrist

    I remember in the pioneer i worked with in the 'pioneer assist others' program asked me what my personal goal was, I said "to find a sheep-like one out in service and help them get to know Jehovah"

    she laughed and laughed and laughed

    she said "we all would sweetie, but it's usually a friend or relative of a witness who accepts a study"

    a rare moment of honesty?

    when i pioneered, i'd think about that sometimes because my 2 studies were exactly that

  • ThisFellowCheap

    You know why they can never get those report things right? If I can't make a bible study, I sure can make one up. I even record the time and study I spent with my friends arguing AGAINST the Bible and God, afterall, it was talk about Bible, and I was very regular about it! A Bible joke said regularly with a colleague is a study! If I make a goal of 100hours, 30rvs, 10bs I'd always make them, or do you know how much preaching I do in my sleep?!

  • Joker10

    As I was saying in another thread...

    JWs have been counting revisits as studies, whereas 10 years ago they didn't.

    If you visit a person 3 times and you spend 15 minutes with them each time, then you are giving a bible study without the person realizing and you could count it as one Study.

    That's how the congregation I attended counted for studies.

  • Balaamsass

    In my old hall. The C.O. insisted EVERY servant count a Bible Study if they Spoke about the meetings to children or GRANDCHILDREN. I knew a couple of kids I think got counted as a bible study2-3 times. He wanted EVERY SRVANT to have a "Study". Weird.

    The last 3 "real" bible studies from "ministry" in the last ten years at my cong. who became baptised were a "disabled" parolled felon (had the hots for a sister), A disabled guy with mild turrets (very funny during the meetings), and an old lady with dementia at a rest home (she died soon ).

    Most of the kids left the JWs either as inactive or disfellowshipped. A minority remained.

  • prologos

    Balaams ass you described the situation, and what is the cause? its a ridicoulus idea, that todays informed people would submit to a "fixed-question -find answer in paragraph" set-up. That is an insulting method that leads to results described by balaamsass. with instructions like theses, asses are made to talk.

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