Where are the GB seen?

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  • unstopableravens

    yeah i was an attendent and and said your doing a good job brother lol i guess i was stand and watchting like a pro!

  • happy@last
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    There was a member of the GB who regularly visited friends in Scotland but was always too busy travelling off to somewhere else in the world to visit the KDH

    I do remember a few years ago Scotland having a zone visit which turned out to be a member of the GBin England doing a live broadcast to Scotland, the shed used in Edinburgh was not big enough as loads more turned up than were invited, I stood at the back to give my chair to an older person, glad I did as it was a rubbish mediocre talk and i ended up people watching instead

  • blondie

    Would they go to Starbucks...why not if they can afford it, like Starbucks (pretty expensive even for Blondie) or have someone willing to treat them. One GB visited my congregation and took a group of us "young ones" out for lunch. The GB are all individuals and pretty much have separate personalities, good points and flaws and bad points. I saw that with DOs, COs, and elders. Hard to judge as a group.

  • cobaltcupcake

    I've bumped into a few of them when visiting Brooklyn, Walkill, and Patterson. I shook Leo Greenlees' hand when he visited our circuit for a special talk. I think I'll go wash that hand again...

  • kurtbethel

    Why they are in their watch towers, of course!

  • Honeybucket

    Bro. herd was at our convention last year. He told a story where he was preaching in a private community and the police were called. The cops said that the residents didnt want them there and he replied "Well I dont want to be here either" so they left.

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