Of Bethel a Place of Homosexualiy,Drunkness,Psychotic Episodes,Brawls,Sucide,Immorality,Deceit, Control and Cynism

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  • Scott77

    "...The intimacy with farm animals is true. [beastiality], Theft, homosexuality, drunkeness, psychotic episodes, brawls, suicide, immorality, deceit and control is all true. The sad thing is seeing young women wanting to marry a bethelite thinking that she is getting the 'cream of the crop' and they are probably worse than a so-called worldly person...The cynicism was palpable...the most emotionally unhealthy environments to be a part of...socially disfunctional people..."
    wheres caleb?

    I think, this was a very forceful and strong statement from wheres caleb?. Iam total disbelief and is profoundly shocked to learn this place [Bethel Headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses in New York State] with all its beautful magazines and beautful paradisaic pictures, a place where men wears white shirts and eat in large group, is as dirty as anyone can imagaine. Iam struggling for my breath,...Do the supposedly holly have the rights to lecture to us and by extension, all mankind that they are who they claim to be? Where is human sanity? Excuse me, Iam ranting. I need to vent out. I have been decieved and enough is enough. I need justice.


  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Sounds like the British government. Or maybe it is just that people at the top of the pile are the same the world over regardless of which pile they are top of.

  • zeb

    The rush to separate anyone not married when talking was evident ina past cong i was in.

    The chief 'separator' the got her daughter married at just over 16.

    There were a few doing the same because they were panic stricken that the girls would get pregnant.

    I often wondered where some of the whacky extreme ideas came from now i know. There was one DO who told a convention not to watch the movie "ET" because he , the alien represented the 'anti-christ'. You heard the biggest "HUH?" come from the audience.

    These extreme behaviours occur anywhere where people commune in a 'monastery' and where they believe all out side is evil.

    and to think I once thought it was something to be aimed for...

  • Vidqun

    Even though it refers to Northern Israel, the prophecy is an ideal fit. Interesting that they chose the name Bethel. NWT Amos 5:5 And do not search for Bethel, [[NET footnote: Ironically, Israel was to seek after the Lord, but not at Bethel (the name Bethel means "the house of God" in Hebrew).]] and to Gilgal YOU must not come, and to Beer-sheba YOU must not pass over; because Gilgal itself will without fail go into exile; and as regards Bethel, it will become something uncanny. [[NET footnote: Heb "disaster," or "nothing"; NIV "Bethel will be reduced to nothing." Again there is irony. The name Bethel means "house of God" in Hebrew. How surprising and tragic that Bethel, the "house of God" where Jacob received the inheritance given to Abraham, would be overrun by disaster.]]. NWT Amos 5:7 O YOU who are turning justice into mere wormwood, and the ones who have cast righteousness itself to the earth. NWT Amos 5:10 In the gate they have hated a reprover, and a speaker of perfect things they detest [[NET they despise anyone who speaks honestly]].

  • ScenicViewer

    Visquin, what does NET refer to in your post?

  • Vidqun

    The NET Bible (New English Translation), an excellent Bible with well-researched footnotes.

  • l p
    l p


  • kozmo

    Interesting...........I have a nephew, whose entire dream in life was to serve at Bethel. And, so, it came about. Now, this young man grew up under my brother's rule. He had 3 sons all of whom feared my brother. He would treat them just as he had done me all my life, physical abuse, mental and psycholical abuse. So, after a number of years at Bethel, my nephew, was ASKED to leave. The reason, it seems as though he had been acting out for some time, always separate from others, wearing a long dark trench coat, strange he was indeed. Now, this part came from the horse's mouth. A friend of ours who also as a young man, went to Bethel and served on the committee that asked him to leave, he is still there. It seems as though my nephew had " Jostled" ? another behtelite in a stairwell, assaulted him actually. So, my nephew left, unhappily, his bubble had burst and he held this against the WTS although he is still an active JW. True story.

  • 144001

    I remember visiting bethel when I was in 9th grade, and being told that my hair was "too long," while I was there. The "brother" who chose to expresss his opinion of my hairstyle was wearing plaid "flood" pants; pants that were about 6 inches above his feet.

    As a protest, I took a poop in their toilet and didn't flush.

  • minimus

    144, that is a good one!

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