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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I haven't been on here much in the last couple of months. But I have shared custody so my ex keeps me informed of 'Witness holidays' where she would have custody and I would get make up time. What's missing is the 3 day conventions. Go out to the JW website and there are only programs for the SA-day and the CA-day even though the 2012 DA program is on there, the 2013 DA is missing.

    IS IT FINALLY HAPPENING? I predicted it last year right before I left to my (then still) wife that (because there were rumors here) that the 2013 DA would be missing. Are there any communications that I missed?

  • Chaserious

    If I recall, the convention dates don't get announced until January.

  • konceptual99

    We had our 3 day convention in Brighton announced a couple of weeks ago along with Malta and Jersey

  • punkofnice

    I doubt they'll miss up a chance to fleece the flock, cheat over car parking prices and install credit card machines.

  • 88JM

    Ours is at a new location this year for the first time in a long time. Maybe they are having a look at locations for all D.C.s? No doubt a cost saving excercise.

  • Zagor Almanah
    Zagor Almanah

    The conventions they are holding are not God's Holy Conventions mentioned in his Word Bible, but theirs. They want to be worshipped as ''gods'' They thrashed his Holy conventions, and invented theirs....

    I kicked the whole congregation ass and went after the WTBS personally. People run like crazy. The next day faithfull and descreet thrash was gone, and people could think clearly. They sent one of their people and tried to bring it back, but it did not work, the hypnosis was gone, and people were very angry..

  • Zagor Almanah
    Zagor Almanah

    With other words, it is Satan and his demons Holy conventions, and the food they prepare is their spiritual food, eating from the table of demons...

  • Zagor Almanah
    Zagor Almanah

    Oh, I also kicked the elders, gave them many blows, they can barely stand up from the beatings I gave them...

  • tornapart

    I saw on our notice board last night at the KH of all the convention dates for all over the UK in the summer. So it's still the same..

  • Zagor Almanah
    Zagor Almanah

    It is in Denmark, Esbjerg South Congregation...

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