So, What Did You Get For XMas?

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    A new Smartphone, Teuscher's chocolates, fruit pates, more Teuscher's chocolates, and actual sugar plums.

    Good wine, a Barnes & Noble gift certificate. I want to buy the new New Yorker dog book. Paul McCartney's new album of the standards of his father's generation with Diana Krall, Rod Stewart's Xmas album. Karen Armstrong's book about the stories in Genesis.

    Good cheer.

    I love giving gifts even more than I like receiving gifts. My plan is to take my sister to a local tapas restaurant.

    I am a fashion and makeup junkie. She is not.

    I am planning on some spiced wine before New Year's Day.

    Oh, a trip to Manhattan. All the Xmas stuff will still be up. Plus, Munch's The Scream is at MoMA for a limited time. I adore the Christmas creche at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. My father would take us to Rockefeller Center every year but would never let the kids skate. I would skate this year but my ankle was fractured years ago. I have skated at Rockefeller Center. It is interesting b/c I can still eat food and have a roof over my head. I believe it is never too late to make up for what you missed the first time.

  • Heaven

    I got The Expendables 2 DVD, some Tickleberries (Blueberries, Cranberries, and Grapes aka Raisins), some lemon shortbread, a coaster that says

    "I'm still HOT. Now it just comes in flashes" and a handmade mug with the following phrase on it:

    "I'll have a cafe mocha, vodka, valium latte, please." On the bottom on the inside is the word "more!"

  • unstopableravens
  • 2+2=5

    @unstopableravens Same here.

  • kozmo

    A new Bowling Bag.

    3 new bowling shirts.

    A fifth of Great Booze, Jack Daniels.

    Bowling is a great sport, we bowl on 2 leagues and serve on the local USBC Board of Directors, of which I am now a Vice President. Yes, indeed, the world is fun!

    I love "serving" the community in this way, as opposed to knocking on people's doors in service. ................

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