Leaving JWs/Christianity reading list

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  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    Unstop - I think you will enjoy ISOCF. VERY long book, but ray dismantles nearly all of the WT doctrines, all with quotes to back it up. He did still believe in the last days, which I didn't agree with at the time.

    And no, no Jesus for me thanks. If he decides to get around to that second coming everyone is talking about and proves he's real and deserves my attention, then opinions may change. Facts only for me. He may have to apologize for being absent all this time.

    Lost gen - thanks, I'll get that one when I'm done the greatest show on earth. I mostly listen to audiobooks at work. We'll see if I'm not tired to listening to Dawkins narrate his own work. It seems his knowledge and experience is paralleled only by his arrogance.

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    Thus spoke zarathustra and beyond good and evil.

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