Aussie Christmas...beach bakini's barbie boardshorts beer...anyone like that?

by Witness 007 14 Replies latest jw experiences

  • sooner7nc

    It's 27 degrees Farenheit and windy here. Damned northern hemisphere.

  • smiddy

    Hey , I`m only a hop step & a jump away from the 90 mile beach , but I`m passed that now , just a few , plus a few more, pots of beer at the local club with a few freinds and family and I`m happy


  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Didja say 27 degrees F??? What I would'nt give for a 27 degree F Christmas! Where I am, in Perth, the temperature climbed to 102 degrees F, and the heatwave has continued into its sixth day with temps over the 100 mark!


  • SkyGreen

    yep! the beach near us is PERFECT for swimming,

    I made a pavalova too... ok so I bought one from coles and added the cream and fruits... gorged on it for two glorious days....

    now its new years day and pretty much the same plan, the beach I mean.... i neglected to go shopping for treats...

  • doofdaddy

    I spent my xmas with my children and grandchildren eating and drinking too much. Most of the adults ended up in the kids pool. New Years was an all night dance party on a farm...Bit sore and sorry at the moment but at least it didn't rain!

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