jw experience from conn. shootings

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  • Honeybucket

    Isnt it funny how the turn whatever attention they can onto themselves when a horrible tragedy occurs. I am curious on who in their right mind would think that their peddling their lit is a comforting thing? If they came to my door, knowing what I now know, and told me they came to comfort me, I would tell them that if they really wanted to comfort those "suffering" they need to be respectful and leave people alone. The Sandy Hook Masacre has shocked the whole world, but there are some larger issues at hand here. Gun control, mental illness... these people dont know jack shit about this, and these are the issues people WANT to talk about. How can we prevent this from happening again, they dont want to talk about how this was fortold in the bible, so you better become a jw otherwise you will die too. These people irratate me to no end with their self righteous arrogant presumptious attitudes. btw, I wonder if the pope of rome called to do a head count?

  • MrFreeze

    According to JW think, they probably feel that the kids were better off. After all, now they will be resurrected. If they had not died from that psychopath then they would have died forever at Armageddon.

  • sooner7nc

    Mindless drones spewing mindless crap.

  • Sherilynn

    MrFreeze, You so right. I can remember when my Mother was very ill (she pulled through the illness) I had a sister tell me that if she died at least I would see in the new earth. I was so shocked that she could even think that way, it was probably when I started to question the teaching but then couldn't even admit it to myself. JW's always have and always will look on disasters as a chance to preach and place literature seeking to take advantage of those at their most emotional times. All the while saying they are doing this out of love (plus marking down time and placements).

  • WinstonSmith

    Sherilynn: Doing it out of love, plus marking down time and placements.

    Sad, but true.

    If someone turned up on my doorstep after a disaster, or an event like Sandy Hook and offered me a leaflet pushing a religous point of view, I would be offended at them capitalising on the situation to peddle their crap.

    Totally different story if they turned up empty handed and just said "Hey, we are just checking in to make sure you're handling things. Need someone to talk to? Vent? Get something off your chest? We're here mate."

    JWs are so out of touch with reality that they A: can't go out and be nice to people unless given instructions to, and B: can't talk to people unless they have a piece of WT literature in between them as a barrier.

  • Honeybucket

    When there is a disaster in the JW community, I plan to go to their doors and help comfort them. Not with what, maybe some apostate lit or take the bible and tell them their loved one will be in heaven. And when they disagree, feign ignorance like they do.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    what a crock of crap

    on a different day they want to watch you die, take over your nice home and leave you on the lawn being eaten by buzzards.

    concerned my arse.


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