The Best of Both Worlds

by donny 14 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Glander

    Ding - That's it!

    LOL, very good.

  • Terry

    The Master Chef creates the recipe and hands it off to the kitchen.

    The cooks in the kitchen get over anxious and fail to follow the recipe resulting in illness.

    The reputation of the restaurant rests on the Master Chef's good name and past accomplishments.

    Who gets the blame for the sick customers? The one whose name is on the restaurant, that's who!

    The customers may respect the Master Chef and give his business a second chance. But--a third? A fourth? A fifth?

    Sooner or later somebody has to own up to being the CAUSE of bad food.

    Jehovah's name is on this religion!

    His cooks (writers in the Watchtower Society) serve up bad food.

    When a customer complains of bad food---the waiters toss them out in the street and "refuse service" in the future!

    What a crazy bass-ackwards kind of restaurant is this?

    Wouldn't you think any Master Chef would fire those cooks and hire somebody who could EXACTLY FOLLOW DIRECTIONS?

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    Donny, I'm surprised you didn't mention the Holy Spirit. That's my hang up. They are guided by it yet continually have to change their mind.

    Maybe the spirit is imperfect.

    Yea....................., that's it! Elders are appointed all the time and a number of them were bad decisions. But since they were appointed by holy spirit, I guess the Holy Spirit is where the breakdown is! LOL



    DING and TERRY nailed it!

  • moshe
    "I trust the slave to be the mouthpiece of God because there is nothing better out there."

    JWs refuse to venture outside of their KH ghetto to do any comparison shopping- The GB is always protecting JWs-college is bad, Disco music is bad, Pacman is bad, Smurfs are bad, the Internet is bad-- and apostates are really bad

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