The Best of Both Worlds

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  • donny

    No, I am not quoting the title of Van Halens greatest hits CD.

    It is a statement of how successful the Society has been in molding their "Faithful and Discreet Slave" concept of total trustworthiness.

    On one hand they deny that the Faithful and Discreet Slave are infallible when it comes to revealing the words and commandments of God. They have no position of "ex cathedra" as the Pope claims to possess. Therefore they can "sometimes" be overzealous or have a misunderstanding on a matter.

    However on the other hand they claim that these occasional missteps are very few and far between therefore we should award them the honor of trusting them to be the sole channel of Gods communiqu├ęs.

    This came to mind because of a JW that I work with made this comment. "I trust the slave to be the mouthpiece of God because there is nothing better out there."

    I asked him "have you really looked at any other alternatives?"

    He replied "No and I don't need to, they have proven themselves to me."

    "And how have they done that? I queried.

    "By diligent prayer and study of God word. I know that sounds silly to you, but it works wonders for me."

    When I asked him if he had any issue with the Faithful and Discreet Slave claiming the best of both worlds in regards to infallibility he replied "Yeah I know on the surface it seems absurd, but being that we are imperfect beings, there is no other way for it to work."

    "But cannot God pass on infallible information?"

    "Yes, he can and does, but it is imperfect man who must make sense of that information."

    "So if he passes on infallible information and the Faithful and Discreet Slave misunderstand it and pass that wrong interpretation to his sheep then that is acceptable?"

    "Yes it is because as I said a minute ago, we are imperfect and there is no other way for it to work."

    "So the Faithful and Discreet Slave have the best of both worlds of infallibility / fallibility when it comes to speaking for God."

    "Yes they do. Being true servants of God brings advantages not afforded to Christendom." (I hadn't heard that word in a while)

    "Well that must be nice."

    "It is and you should start attending meetings again so you can reacquaint yourself of that truth."

    That is an offer I will have to pass up. Although I was part of that organization for many years, it now sounds funny to me to hear such rationalization of a matter. How many other religions can so successfully claim the best of both worlds?

  • DesirousOfChange

    You can't make this shit up!



  • unstopableravens

    yeah funny how if another religion has lets say 20 mistakes and the wt has 20 mistakes ,they are both imperfect so the wt is still used by god and the other relgions mistakes are "proof" they are not used by god.


    Wow!! Keep those conversations going! Find out if the end is coming in our lifetime. That seems to be the current understanding. If it did come I am sure they would like to take credit for saying it, but I doubt the WTBT$ will be spared.

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    Ahhh the circular argument. I remember those. I would shut off my brain when someone would make logical sense. Not anymore

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    Find out if the end is coming in our lifetime.

    My wife told me the other day she doesn't think it will come in our lifetime. But she thinks it will come eventually. I grewup hearing how I probably wont graduate HS or have a family or EVER die in this old system... Check, check and not yet.

  • Honeybucket

    Was that guy implying that God makes mistakes or that he is always correct and its imperfect humans that are the ones "misinterpeting" them? These people are so full of shit, ID LIKE FOR A CATHOLIC TO SAY THE SAME THING AS THIS GUY AND LETS SEE HOW FAST HE'LL CALL HIS BULLSHIT

  • MrFreeze

    People like this make my head hurt.

  • Glander

    yep, Donny, you are spot on.

    It only works if you have:

    A - a slavish cult following that never questions your pathetically clumsy deceitfulness.

    B - the power to destroy the lives of the slavish cult following if they question your pathetically clumsy deceitfulness.

  • Ding

    Let's see if I've got it:

    Over thousands of years -- from Moses through John -- Jehovah's spirit inspired all the human authors of the Bible so that even though they were imperfect men, their words infallibly and inerrantly are Jehovah's communication. However, in the last days, Jehovah's spirit doesn't inspire the fallible faithful and discreet slave.


    -- From approximately 90 CE until 1919, there was no faithful and discreet slave to explain the Bible to people.

    -- But now no one can understand the meaning of the Bible except by studying the fallible explanations of the faithful and discreet slave.

    -- The teachings of the faithful and discreet slave are subject to error, but Jehovah wants everyone to believe them anyway and obey them without question, despite what the infallible and inerrant words of the Bible may seem to say to the contrary.

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