AAAAHH!! DO you really want this "everlasting life in Paradise"?

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  • hamsterbait

    They argue that we never tire of our food , never tire of SEX (except the single resurrected who will be celibate) etc etc, there is so much to see and do. SO WE ALL WANT TO LIVE FOREVER AND NEVER DIE:

    Life in PARADISE -

    530 am get up wash, look after the animals, shovel out the shit.

    745am wash off the stink of animals, change clothes.

    800 am goody! I get my lovely breakfast.

    830 wash up breakfast dishes (if female) sit and read new scrolls (if male)

    900am I do the work today I did yesterday (if male -probably digging plowing or picking stuff) (cooking washing making soap for washing baking cooking the midday meal making the beds/changing the beds, scrubbing the floors helping the men picking stuff - if female) Just imagine a Kansas rural life.

    1200 Goody! I get my lovely lunch.

    100pm I do the afternoon work today I did yesterday.

    500pm Goody! work is finished. I go bathe and clean up.

    600 Goody! I get my lovely dinner.

    700 Wash up after lovely dinner (if female) sit and drink a couple of beers (if male) whilst staring into a lovely fire laid by your wife.

    800 goody! More reading of the new scrolls, finding out who is to be stoned for not wanting this life.

    900 Goody! Bed - and maybe a little bit of sex - not enough to ensure conception, unless childbirth stops miraculously when the earth is FULL.

    Repeat ad infinitum.

    Why dont I want to live forever in a "Paradise Earth"?


  • lost1

    Sounds like an episode of the Waltons or Little House on the Prairie...

  • tootired2care

    I had very similair thoughts on this. I didn't see a few key items in your schedule that are sure to suck more of your time though.

    • Mandatory bowing down to Jah 7 times a day
    • Bible studies indoctrination of the newly resurrected
    • Sermon preparation and meetings, Meetings and more Meetings (re-learn every year why we must attend all 12 days of the annual convention)
    • Making meals to take over to all the gatherings every week, that you may not feel like going to.

    I'm sure I missed a few but this certianly does not leave much time and/or freedom to pursue your own dreams E.G. build that awesome space craft to explore star systems, or harness some new power source, or focus on that music composition on your own timetable etc. Being a witness gave me a forgleam of hell not paradise. Oh well, different strokes for different folks I guess.

  • unstopableravens

    well i dont agree with wt theology, but i believe paradise is in heaven 2 corn 12:1-4 and the kingdom is both heaven and earth, that being said before as a jw i could only think physical about thoses things, but now i truly desire to spend forvever with my creator, how could that ever get boring? i dont think it could.

  • hamsterbait


    Who will be the last poster on this thread that says the most?


  • steve2

    Heaven or earth, literal or figurative - it matters not where paradise is thought to be.

    Children's fairy stories for childish fairy minds.

  • unstopableravens

    are you saying our minds our childish?

  • prologos

    No, I would not want be there, IF run by curent wt-jw behavior. A re-run of the oklahoma landgrab after armageddon? reserving of rows of waterfront properties practised at assembly openings at 8am? a system run be second-rate thinkers, narcissic power moguls? no, thank you. also:

    if you saved and hoarded a penny every million years*, you would own all the copper in the universe before you even finished the first step into eternity. and:

    idea for another topic?: "The worst commandments in the new scrolls?" : "Thou shall not commit levitation in airplanes."

    peace *or overlapping generations

  • tiki

    well......we really have no way of knowing since we aren't there yet.......... but there has to be time for petting lions and cuddling pandas....and picking all that fruit to go on those picnic tables in the middle of a flowery field with a stream and people dressed in native old world costumes - except for the ex-americans who can only wear long dull skirts with shirts up to the neck or if male, baggy pants and a polo shirt..................

    and the blessed few who get to procreate can watch their little tykes playing with the cobra and the asp and not getting bitten. and of course, being paradise, there are no weeds, so gardening is a lot easier than what we are accustomed to currently.

    salvation - the next can anyone really get a handle on it?

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I'd rather be dead than spend even a month in the exclusive company of dubs.

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