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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Just discovered that the 'new light' regarding the the identity of the 'slave' is not so new. In the brochure "Who Are Doing Jehovah's Will Today?", (brought out months before the Annual Meeting) it clearly states in the first paragraph in Section 19 that "Jesus would appoint the slave - during the time of the end!!" (not in the 1st century) However, it is presented as an 'off the cuff ' comment, without all the fanfare given to it at the Annual Meeting. Why was such a deviation from a long established doctrine treated this way? Amazing how we can read and accept things without realizing what's actually being said. So we were given the new understanding without being aware of it! Some might question the motives behind this. Test the inspired expressions

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    but the time of end the also began in 1914...or did once upon a time...


  • BroMac

    good spot!

  • Splash

    Maybe this 'appointing' was over all the masters possessions, which was (old light) thought to be in 1919.

    There's quite a lot to take in with this teaching.


  • NeonMadman

    I don't think it's a doctrine they were ever completely consistent about. The prior understanding seems to have been that the "slave" was somehow appointed at Pentecost, and thus existed throughout Christian history, but also that in some sense the "slave" was appointed in 1919 - perhaps in the sense of the existing slave being appointed 'over all the Master's belongings' at that time? I'm not sure the sequence of events was ever spelled out clearly. I'm also not sure that they weren't actually contradicting themselves in various publications.


    Time of the end, what does that even mean?!?! Remember all the pre-CTR people who prophesied about the " END ". Dubs believe in a secondary fulfilment of Bible prophecy do they not? Now a first century FDS is conveniently forgotten but everything else took place, i.e The Fall of Jerusalem.. Amazing how they discount what they want. Also, where did Jesus go? The Master appoints the slave and then leaves. Is Jesus coming back again? Invisibly?! We know they have been planning this for some time, years actually. This is from the same brochure that promotes the " spiritual Mother " teaching. It is disgusting..........beware of " truth " from a theological arrangement that does not really exist.

  • Caminante

    This is consistent, since the new brochures were not supposed to be used in the ministry until after the Annual Meeting, usually there is an article in Our Kingdom Ministry outlining the most effective use of the new literature.


    Consistent for the WTBTS machine, but stll scripturally incorrect...

  • Sapphy

    Splash has it right.

    The old doctrine was Jesus turns up in 1914, does an inspection and then appoints the FDS over all his belongings.

    New doctrine is Jesus turns up in 1914 appoints the Governing Body in 1919 as the FDS before they exist, and then at some point in the future appoints them over all his belongings.


    When Does Jesus Appoint the Slave “Over All His Belongings”?

    Jesus said that the “master on arriving” (literally, “having come”) will appoint the slave “over all his belongings.” When does the Master, Jesus, arrive?

    The expression translated “on arriving” is a form of the Greek word er′kho·mai. Verses 42 and 44 of chapter 24 translate a form of er′kho·mai as “coming.” In those verses, Jesus is referring to his coming as Judge during the great tribulation.—Matthew 24:30; 25:31, 32.

    Jesus’ appointment of the “slave” over his “belongings,” then, must also be a future event. He will make that appointment during the great tribulation.


    This provokes the question, if the GB are only appointed over all Jesus belongings at the Great Trib, then who are Jesus belongings today that the GB are not currently appointed over?

    Turns out it's the 'messianic kingdom' and the angels. So the current GB are appointed over the Angels at some point during the GT. The other annointed are also appointed over the angels when they are in heaven. So the FDS becomes all the 144k when they're all in heaven.


    This new doctrine is very poor.

  • pixel

    What the heck with this new convoluted doctrine

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