Will the Watchtowers growth in the third world keep them around for decades to come?

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  • tootired2care

    I suspect the WT is going to continue to see slowing growth in all western lands as time goes on. It seems to me though that there is so many potential suckers out there in the third world that will keep coming into the WT because of lack of internet, education or falling victim to love bombing as many of us did here at one time. I think it's going to get really tough for them as the western land money dries up though. I guess my reason for started this thread is that I'm really concerned that I won't see the WT closing it's doors or going down in flames in my lifetime and that would be travesty given their un-impeachable record of failed prophecies.

    What are your thoughts? Discuss.

  • DesirousOfChange

    There's one born every minute. ~ P.T. Barnum

  • Chaserious

    I don't think they will be "closing their doors or going down in flames" in our lifetime. Even in developed countries, they won't just vanish, although I think we will soon see numbers declining. There is still a contingent of diehard young people in the U.S., as well as some old folks who have their houses, bank accounts, etc bequeathed to the WTBTS. I'm sure they have lots of $$$ earning a good return in sophisticated investment vehicles at HQ, and they are still land rich. Worst case, they can downsize bethel to a few hundred and rule from their compound in Orange County.

  • jam

    I don,t see much of a growth in third world. My reason,

    the family unit. Once they see how it destroy the family the

    numbers decline. And most third world countries are going thru

    some major pollitical upheaval, and Jehovahs way is not the

    way to accomplish that. The world is becoming smaller and smaller,

    people in third worlds are catching up. All they need is another

    religion from the US.

  • ScenicViewer

    Third World countries may keep the Organization growing in numbers, but they can't support themselves financially in the organization. Financial growth will have to come from a different place.

    Contributions from the wealthy countries will help, but they seem to be declining. I think real estate sales will be the major source of income that carries the Society forward. The Brooklyn properites alone are worth about 1 Billion dollars, which is enough money to go for decades.


  • ScenicViewer


    I don,t see much of a growth in third world. My reason, the family unit.

    You make a good point about families; they are very tight in some cultures. That may be a tough row to hoe for Watchtower in some areas. I hope so!

  • Phizzy

    The increase that JW's have had in the 3rd world is a lot less dramatic than other religions, and now with information going global, with the closing of branches, the lowering of missionary numbers etc etc, I don't see them making huge progress, rather the opposite.

    The WT only cares about the $$$ , so will seek ways of keeping the money flowing in, which wont come from the 3rd world.

  • blondie

    Eventually, they couldl max out. Japan was a source of numbers, peaks every month, and then no mentions in the Theocratic News in the KM, then no Theocractic News. Now Japan has dropped in numbers and congregations.

    The WTS is blocked out from religious communities, Islamic countries, India, China...not the same as countries that already have a Christian base although considered part of Christendom. But the WTS policy is that everyone does not need an individual witness but will be destroyed due to community responsibility.

  • jgnat

    Where there is political corruption, instability, and interference from the Catholic church, there will be opportunities for the WTS. I think this characterizes a good part of Africa.

    My great wish for Africa is that it pulls itself out of the third-world backwater in a few generations. I think it has started, too.

  • jam

    Ignat; "my great wish for Africa is that it pulls itself out of

    the third-world backwater". That is happening today.

    I get the Africa tv station, the whole continent of Africa.

    News each week on the issues that are facing Africa.

    The southern part of the continent are progressing,

    catching up to the rest of the world.

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