A rumor has it....

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  • moshe

    The questioning JWs will do just what they always do-- wait on Jehoover and take it up the keester from the GB.

  • Splash

    The March 15 2013 WT is on JW.org and has study articles right through to week beginning June 2nd.

    What the OP quotes (not the 'rumour' bit) is verifiable and based on the articles already available.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    one can always dream......


    Well as far as I can tell without really getting into it there were 8 articles all about Jesus last year starting in March and going into April.

    In 2010 there were 3 or 4 about Jesus before the memorial.

    2009- 1 article/advertisement and 6 about what it means to be born again ( no doubt to adress the growing number of partakers )

    2008- about 3 specifically dealing with Jesus

    2007- 3

    Before that, I don't know. It would be odd if they stopped writing articles about Jesus. Who knows what they will do? Time will tell.

  • Bobcat

    Sounds to me that whoever wrote the letter is trying to deliver a "polite" spanking to the GB, in a tone that says, 'We are going to do what's right, whether you 'children' do or not.'

    The wording sounds like the writer(s) are dismissive about the F&DS 'new light,' 'But if this is what you GB believe, then why aren't you doing what you say about yourselves?'

  • james_woods

    Please not the my comments were specifically about the rumor or notion that starting in 2013, the JWs would no longer report the number of persons partaking of the emblems.

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