"We get presents all year; who needs Christmas"

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  • moshe

    here is the gift the elders need-

  • BluesBrother
    We get presents all year

    That is a the same old broken record reply that is so 'not-true'

    It does not happen. Mind you, do not worldy families also give intermediate gifts from time time , it is normal...

  • happy@last
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    I spent all afternoon wrapping my kids presents, they both have their birthdays December/January, so they do get presents all year as it's too long to wait. Having said all that, my still in JW land wife didn't want the kids left out, she insisted on getting presents for them at New Years before I faded so they didn't feel left out. I wonder how many other families do the same?

  • tiki

    well......i had my last birthday party turning 7....all of a sudden it was forbidden. don't remember them ever doing christmas........and growing up in the religion, i never ever got gift wrapped presents from my parents. NEVER. and if someone accidentally so much as sent a card, it would be destroyed.

    i have trouble with the whole thing now....i'd really like to be able to enjoy it, but seem to just be numb to it all.........sad......

  • Jim_TX

    Yeah. I heard that line growing up as well. Along with the excuse for not celebrating Thanksgiving ("We give thanks every day - not just one day.")

    As a kid - pre-teen to early teen, my mom didn't do much for getting us presents. But I do remember as I got older, we would go and do monthly shopping runs. While there at the store (a store that was like Wal-Mart - but it was called Fed-Mart), there would be toys like MatchBox, HotWheels and Johnny Lightning cars. She would spring the dollars to get them for us boys (me and my two brothers).

    They weren't wrapped, and we got to see them as she bought them - so it wasn't like a present or anything.

    Like others here, I never learned how to actually wrap presents. I can do a passable job, but it looks like crud... well to a woman. To a guy (me), it looks fantastic! Another reason I like to give my wife perfume - cause I can get the nice gal that works there to wrap it as a courtesy (Estee Lauder).

  • emperorslaundrist

    all my toys were hand-me-downs, but i do have one great memory where my mom took me to Toys-r-us, and let me choose one item, anything i wanted. she waited patiently while i carefully deliberated. I ended up choosing a $20 doll, i loved that thing so much :)

    I had an interesting month with my husband this December. He kept bashing and bashing Christmas, ranting about how horrible it was and how horrible it makes people, until it finally occurred to me- he's feeling left out. he's bashing it so much because he wants to participate in it. I thought of letting him be, maybe his pain will wake him up. But I'm weak and kind, so I took my small savings and bought him a cell phone he wanted. I wrapped it up and put it under our houseplant. His bashing of Christmas was instantly cured, and I got to be amused by how little his 'christmas present' bothered his conscience.

  • nochoice

    We never got wrapped gifts either. In fact, I just assumed growing up that ALL wrapped gifts were BAD, since I only knew of them for Birthdays or Christmas. Apparently, I was never around a JW wedding or baby shower!

  • linuxbob

    I went to a JW wedding a few times. What a bunch of sorry-ass people.

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