Christmas Plans

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  • LouBelle

    So what are your plans for christmas.

    This year I am not spending it with my entire family. Some of them are doing their own thing/have their own plans, which I don't mind as sometimes those paticular family members can be straining.

    So it will be spent with my mum, brother, father, some family friends and a couple of "strays" (people that don't have family to spend christmas with so we invite them over)

    There will be a light breakfast shared and gifts opened in the morning.

    I'm cooking up a feast:

    **Roast garlic & rosemary lamb - slow roasted for 6 hours.**Roasted time and cranberry pork **Hot Chicken Curry ** Roasted potatoes ** butternut **Gem Squash ** Broccerli & cauliflower in cheese sauce ** Rice ** Gravy. All of it home made goodies grom the cranberry to the gravy. **Dessert will be good vanilla ice cream and bar one sauce.

    We will be having the party outside in the garden (hoping for sunny, breezy weather)

    I hope all of you that are celebrating have a great time doing so.

  • carla

    Sounds lovely! especially the eating outside part! we may have a white Christmas if all the storms cooperate. Can you tell me how to make the chicken curry?

  • LouBelle

    Carla my family loves curry - we're white indians.

    My chicken curry:

    *A good glug of oil *Chop up 2 big onions and 2 tomatoes *4 garlic gloves peeled and thrown in whole (mash them up when they get soft) *4 chillies with the seeds in - sliced in half length ways *6 fresh curry leaves or bay leaves* chopped silantro (corriander). Add salt to taste. Let this all simmer nicely until the onions and tomatoes are soft.

    Okay - don't know what type of curry powder you get in the states - if you can get to a south african store you can ask for some HOT Raj curry powder, Chilli Powder and Medium Curry powder. I usually measure by sight (and heat) I would go with the following: Two table spoons Hot curry powder, A tablespoon Chilli powder and three table spoons medium curry powder. add this into your mixture and you may have to add another glug of oil if it's sticking. Let the curry powder cook out, careful not to burn. add a little water if you don't want to add in the oil.

    Chicken pieces. Thighs make a juicy curry, so I suggest filleted and skinned thighs and breast meat. Add the chopped chicken to your mixture and mix in. Add in your peeled potatoes straight away ( I usually cut in half or quarters depending on the size) Add water so that potatoes are covered. Put on a lid and let it boil away. Check now and again that it's not sticking. As the potatoes start to soften, take the lid off add some frozen peas (a handful). Cook for the remainder of time with the lid off. All done once your potatoes are soft. The gravy should be thickish - if it's too runny let it cook down a bit more and mash one or two of your potatoe pieces.

    Serve with rice, or you can cut a loaf of bread into 4, take out a bit of the bread from the centre and spoon curry into the opening - that is known as a bunny chow and is SUPER DELISH - google bunny chow!

    Hope it turns out delicious. If ever you make it to Durbs I'll be sure to make a curry for you and anyone else who passes by.

    I'm making a lamb curry tonight - will take pics.

  • Jim_TX

    ...okay... we're all meeting at LouBelle's on Christmas... I hope she fixes enuf chicken curry...

  • Lozhasleft

    Sounds good Loubelle. Hubby and I are staying home this year, we have lots of lesson planning to do, so he's decided to cook for us. All sounds a bit special, champagne prawns, turkey crown, Parmesan parsnips, brussels with bacon, roasties, bread sauce and gravy... Christmas pud with custard and cream...

    We'll be out delivering gifts in the morning but the rest of the day curled up at home in the warm. Boxing Day is a big family get together. There are other loved ones I wish we could see, but hey ho, life is still good.

    Loz x

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I'll be a stray at a friend-of-a-friend's xmas lunch.

    Thanks for your card Loubelle, it was lovely to receive it.

  • WTWizard

    My Christmas is quite simple: With no family, I simply decorate the place (the hallway--my apartment stays decorated for Christmas all summer because the colored LED's look just as fine in June as in December). This is a good time to hunt for new Christmas music--music that the witlesses are sure to hate. By going online to Rhapsody, I am able to find quite a few new ones this year.

    And, as for those holiday issues at work, I decided that it would be a good time to get small items for those who I deem worthy (and there aren't many). I picked up lanterns that they will appreciate the next time we get a blackout. And, one of the people in my building had a small kitchen fire (mostly smoke damage), and I decided to get them some LED light bulbs to replace the squiggly things (that are a fire hazard--they sometimes fail by spitting out smoke and sparks, and often with a fire) in the ceiling fan to help. Just simple things--things that will be appreciated when the lights go out, we get that energy crisis from Iran for helping Israel, and when they get a slightly lower electricity bill from the LED's (not to mention when they get no fire from them blowing--those things blow by growing dim gradually).

    And yes, I got a Christmas card and several small glass ornaments from a Secret Santa (probably on this forum). Which I added to my display--every little bit to add is appreciated.

  • mouthy

    I will be alone !!!! miss my kids that have passed away,Mell. Alan, Faith, Miss my daughter that is a JW,I have one left
    a darling Sue, She will be going to my grandson who is an atheist,who mocks me for my belief,

    Dont want to fight !!!! I love him to much

  • Lozhasleft

    Sending hugs to those of you who will be on your own at Christmas.

    Loz x

  • LouBelle

    ah my dear mouthy, how sorry i am we were not closer together on this planet. it would be an honour and pleasure to have you as my guest. i may not believe as you, but have grown enough to respect each ones' belief and to be able to have a healthy discussion.

    mouthy, though you may be alone in person, i hope you have a lil tree, or something to remind you of this time and the import of it. and my dear, you ate never truly alone!!

    *hugs to you gran*

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