OK, spill the beans, which one of us wrote into Biblical Archaeology Review this month about the pronunciation of YHWH?

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  • smiddy

    I like the catholic response it`s spot on


  • Paralipomenon

    Witnesses try to use logic for inserting 'Jehovah' into the NT. Stating that it would have been in scriptures that he quoted from and wouldn't remove the name of his father.

    I counter with my own logic. The pronunciation of the name had be so far removed from normal culture that I don't think anyone would expect to hear it. Couple that with the fact that uttering the divine name was a stoning offence in Jesus' time.

    The Pharisees were desperate for an excuse to kill Jesus, logic would dictate that if he was running around everywhere saying "Jehovah" he would have met with a quick demise.

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