watchtower still dropping the ball

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  • frankiespeakin

    I would sure hate to listen to a Watchower Infomercial funeral talk given for one of the victim's.

    ""Yeah, since they were not JW they will not be coming back in the resurrection of the righteous, but there is some hope of them comming back in the ressurection of the unrighteous, after which if they prove faithful they will be able to get everlasting life once they have pass the test of loyalty after the 1000 year rule and satan is let out.

    That's about it a far as they can go in giving comfort. I don't think they will be makiing any meals for the parent who lost loved ones, being that donations are down.

  • leaving_quietly

    It's actually nice to see something on the website acknowledging the Newtown, CT tragedy and the Miami bus crash. Better than complete silence, as has been with so many tragedies of the past.

    I can definitely see a difference in "the world" and JWs. The tragedy was definitely the talk of the congs this past weekend and how it proves we are in the last days. Personally, I shed real tears over the recent tragedy in Connecticut. Before learning TTATT, no tears were shed over any tragedy... not even 9/11. My wife was baffled at my response. Even Jesus wept over the death of Lazarus, even though he knew he was going to be resurrected. Decent lesson for us.

  • williamhconley

    You will never hear a brother pray for worldy people to receive peace and comfort from God. They will however pray that worldly people become JW's.

    Wt conditions it's members that all non JW's are greedy, selfish, evil, demonic & inmoral. However, in times of tragedy you see the exact opposite. Fund raising, praying for victims, vigils, condolences, hugging and crying with victims are done by NON JW's.

  • ilikecheese

    Can you imagine being a non-JW with no knowledge of them who is being "provided spiritual assistance?" "Oh, it's very sad about your kid. Here's a magazine full of nonsense. If you get interested, all of this ultimately will just tell you that if you don't listen to us, you will be destroyed and never see your murdered child again." Meanwhile, you had the priest who went around to the families to inform them of their loss and listened to all of them, just offering his ear and a shoulder to cry on.

    Which one would you rather have?

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