Timmy,s letter to Santa

by jam 13 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • wasblind

    where are all of the race crusaders over the redneck christmas poem? it is ok when it is against white trash, huh? come on, all of the bleeding hearts. where is the castration? oh, its ok now? this was a personal experiment. is it ok to make fun of whites? every person who has something to say about racism is a racist themselves. it seems that whitey can handle a joke. the rest of the hypocrites... about 130 of them can kiss an @$$._______Fakesmile

    Looks like your " personal experiment " left you twistin' in the wind like a damn fool

    Your makin' a fuss over what you yourself posted ( fightin' against yourself ) Why start trouble on a thread where no trouble

    was intended ???

  • jam

    Fakesmile: Sorry if I offended you, but I find nothing

    offensive in my joke, and by the way, I,m BLACK.

    Ease up my friend. I thought it was funny as hell.

  • wasblind

    Hey jam,

    He's not fussin' at you. The damn fool fussin' about his own post

    he's fightin' himself.

  • wasblind

    If he fight hard enough maybe he'll do us all a favor and knock his own ass out

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