what does studying the bible mean?

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  • stillin

    where are the replies to your post? I posted earlier and I see that at least one other has. I'm intrigued by your question...

  • mrsjones5

    "...,never try to get an athiest to have faith?"

    Depends on what you think faith means. Being an atheist doesn't mean not being able to have faith in something, it's just not god.

  • RandomNoise

    ... well this is how im taking this study... not serious at all, cause its as if i was making an in depth analysis of the peter pan fairy tale.

    i actually feel embarrassed of what i do during that hour +. even worse i feel embarrassed for the "teacher", and its true St. George, how can i unprove something that itself cant be proven?

    so what makes me continue feeding this "teachers" hope? nothing, im actually feeding my own hope that "teacher" will one day say something like, "i dont know but ill ask an elder to clarify...", and hope i bent the mental bars gaurding "teachers" free thought.


    bottom line is that i believe there is nothing in the bible to study.


  • unstopableravens

    sorry you feel that way jw theology is bad, but bible is good,hope you see its value soon!

  • PSacramento

    I've been a student of the bible for the last 5 years.

    The last 3 of them in Theology class and a local University (part time).

    It is a whole different world, truly.

    The massive amount of research that there is out ther ein the variosu fields of bible scholarship and theology is mindboggling at times.

    Suffice to say that there are NO NEW arguments, LOL !

    For every argument I have heard there are a dozen books on it, the pros and cons and fors and againsts !

    To study the bible is to study two things: History and Theology.

    JW's do NOT studt the bible, they study the WTBTS approved literature.

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