I'm also new here

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  • Yohan

    I'll refrain from commenting on the shooting. I spent 2 hours on FB last night doing that. Let's just say I'm a devout 2nd Amendment supporter and believe more guns are the answer.

    Anyhoo, I'm 48 and I was DFed when I was 19. I was born and raised in the Lie and hated nearly every minute of it. I was pressured into getting babtized at 14 and things went down hill from there. I tried to block all things JW out of my mind and I have lead a pretty decent life (which would have been even better if I would have went to college. I was accepted into the Institute of Technology at the U of M but never went) and have a good career that I love. But, I've had to work my ass off to get to where I am now.

    I have 6 siblings and I think only 2 are regular JWs. My mother is a vegetable in a home and my dad regularly attends. He was inactive for most of my teen years but was an elder when I was young but removed himself for whatever reason. I still kinda believed that BS until about 3 years ago when I stumbled across C0C. It really opened my eyes and pissed me off at the same time. That's also about the same time I checked out this site. I tried to join a few times but this site is technically all fupped duck.

    So, unless I getted booted out of here, you guys are stuck with me.


  • cofty

    Hi John. Welcome.

    A new version of the forum is under construction - it will be launched before the generation whose lives overlapped with the lives of the generation whose lives overlapped with the...

  • jgnat

    Welcome! I don't have the ex-JW pedigree, but I did make my way without a college education. I know all about the hard work. I hope you have no more problems signing on to the site.

  • tootired2care

    Welcome John! Nice to have you with us, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

  • Tater-T

    welcome.. I was raised in, out early TOO.. but still believed for some time.. good luck

  • problemaddict

    Hey John. I am still technically in. Welcome.

  • Hortensia


    glad to have you here

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    It's a cafeteria here so take what u like, ignore the rest

  • clarity

    Welcome to JWN John

    Looking forward to the rest of your story.

    CoC makes things pretty real for sure ... when I

    ordered it from a book store 2 years ago, I was quite nervous

    about reading the forbidden thing, kept checking over my

    shoulder! lol


    These things take time

  • Pterist

    Welcome John, yes it took me several attempts to join also. You are starting off on the right path though with an introduction. For some reason, I got no welcome, , but have found some interesting people.

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