Are you at the point of your life where you speak out boldly with JWs?

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  • cofty

    You know you've made progress when you pass the stage where you feel the need to speak out boldly with JW's.

    I don't feel any such need - their discomfort just amuses me.

  • Hortensia

    I never see any JWs any more that I used to know. But when JWs who don't know me try to speak to me, I like to tease them a bit. It's funny to watch their faces while they are trying to figure out -- is she a JW? is she DF? is she apostate? It's very funny.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    my favorite line when I here 'dubs whine about their lot in life is, "I'm so glad I don't need to deal with that crap anymore". It leaves them speechless

  • Terry

    I've come a long way since leaving the Kingdom Hall forever and for awhile it was all about me.

    There was anger and hurt feelings, certainly. Defensive and angry? I was...for a long while.

    But, time really does heal all wounds and wound all heels.

    Now when I encounter Jehovah's Witnesses I feel deep sadness. I actually feel pity.

    I see them and I empathize with how they feel trudging door to door trying---inside their own mind--to bring really happy news to people dying in a wicked world.

    I actually get that! I do. I get it!


    A while back I was at a car wash when a car full of adult JW's out in service rolled up and a Watchtower and Awake! were waved at me.

    If I had already dropped my token in the slot I'd have just shook my head "no".

    But, I hadn't. So, I walked over and spoke to the fellow behind the wheel.

    He really really looked like your typical poster boy for Elder of the year.

    I told him that I "use to be" one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    He immediately asked, "What happened?"

    I gave him a pithy but factual response.

    There are many things he might have said, but, he said the one thing that irked me.

    He answered with assured skepticism! It amounted to saying "I don't believe you" without actually using those words.

    At that point the empathy and the pity and any nostalgia I might have felt vanished in a puff of devil smoke.

    My brain threw a switch and he became "the enemy."

    I responded that I had been a full time Pioneer, had spent years of my young life in Federal Prison for Theocratic reasons and had counted hundreds

    of the brothers and sisters as loved ones--BUT.....

    the complete absence of love demonstrated to me by those unwilling to listen and very quick to judge (as he had just done) convinced me I was not loved

    or valued by them. I considered myself FREE and happy. I no longer had to prove myself worthy. I AM WORTHY.

    Had he been as active in the ministry in those years leading up to the disastrous false prophecy about 1975 he'd probably be right where I was too.

    He didn't think so and drove off.

    So, it depends on what attitude they cop with me how I react!

  • jam

    Terry: He answered with assures skepticism, "I don,t

    believe you".

    That really steamed me up when they respond in a way

    to indicate you are lying. Over 60-70% of JW,s that come to

    my door wasn,t around in 1975, not a clue what took place.

    But the few that was around in 1975, we have had lengthy

    conversations, unfortunately over the years their remerbrance

    of that event (1975) it wasn,t a big deal. LOL

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    of course u were lying, you're not a dub. Worldly people only lie

  • wasblind

    Hey jam,

    don't matter how young they are, they may not remember 1975

    but as long as they use the Reasoning Book I'll whip it like

    a switch blade

    Under the heading of DATES, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Last Days

    it foretells that the generation that was " ALIVE " in 1914 will be the ones

    to see the end

    " The "generation" that was alive at the beginning of fulfillment of the sign in 1914 is now well along in years. The time remaining must be very short"_________Reasoning from the scriptures book page 239

    That alone shows that the WTS was not talkin' bout no overlappin' generation born in the 1990's while Fred franz was alive

    their not only False prophets but HUCKSTERS AND SHILLS


  • jam

    Man, I wish I had a Reasoning Book, just like you I would whip

    it out as fast as they could say, "what,s my name."

  • Fernando

    I felt sorry for one panick stricken individual who noticed me in a shopping centre, walking in his direction, and about 8 metres away. I turned my head away for 2 seconds and he had literally vanished into thin air when I turned back.

    Any so called "publisher of the Good News" who sincerely wants answer some questions on the "Good News" is more than welcome. I'd love the opportunity to share the "Good News" with them from their own publications.

    There is nothing religious leaders (Pharisees) secretly hate and fear more - being exposed by the bright light that is the full or unabridged "Good News".

  • SkyGreen

    no, only bold with my husband because he wont dob me in...

    i wonder if there will be a new reasoning book soon - would be good if they had updated "secular references" we could actually check - then quote from same references to refute their teachings...

    then we could also highlight all the differences in the old and new versions re "new light" (TM)

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