Are you at the point of your life where you speak out boldly with JWs?

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  • jam

    What a wonderful feeling. They think I am nuts. LOL

    The last phone conversation I had with my Elder brother

    he hung up on me. Why, because I was laughing at what

    he was saying. My brother: you think that,s funny, you are under

    the influence of the devil. At that point I couldn,t hold back,

    I was crying from laughing when he hung up.

    Another time my nutty brotherlaw Elder, ( worst elder ever)

    we were at the grave site of my sister husband(not a JW) after the funeral.

    We standing around, the JW family members in one area and

    non-JWs in another. So after the service they (JW,s) walks over

    with their fake smiles and walk pass me and greet the other

    family members. Well I walk over to my brotherlaw, put my arms

    around him and ask, hey man how are you doing. To my

    surprise he start complaining about his health problems. Not

    one word about coming back. Another time, my brother,s wife.

    The wife and I shopping at Wal- Mart, whose at the check out

    stand, my sister -in law. She got so nervous when I went over

    and spoke to her ,she left most of her purchase items. The checker

    called out, Miss you left something. I had told my wife before hand

    watch this. She thought it was so funny.

    I just love it.

  • moshe

    The only way the shunning works is when they have an ex-JW who is willing to play the game by their rules. When you turn the tables on them in public the JWs are the ones who are in trouble.

  • cofty

    Yes I'm with you on that. I find it funny to make JWs feel uncomfortable about their crazy cult.

    This evening my wife and I were in the supermarket when we passed a couple who were in my group when I was an elder. The shop was quite busy and the husband tried to look away so I said "Hello Ian" really loudly like he was a long-lost friend. He started muttering and shaking his head.

    Then we saw his elderly mother-in-law a few yards behind them. As she passed she recognised me and started saying to her daughter "Ruth, look its, its, its..." pointing at me but she couldn't remember my name. Her daughter was turning bright red with embarrassment and said in one of those loud whispers normally reserved for naughty children "Mother, he's DISFELLOWSHIPPED"

    By now I am laughing out loud and the three of them couldn't get into another aisle quick enough.

    I see no reason not to make their ignorance easy for them. That reminds me its about time I rang my parents....

  • moshe

    Crofty, that public disrespect of your greeting would have flipped on moshe's punishment button. I would have went right up to them, (the more people the better) and announced in a loud voice-- "this is Bro and sister Kumquat from the NoLove KH of JWs- I tried to say hello to them, but they are shunning me, because I am no longer going to their meetings. They will destroy your family, too, if you ever decide to join that religion and later change your mind.

    I punished my share of JWs back at my old KH- it got so bad for them , hahah,that I was told the local JWs took to shopping at a neighboring city, all to avoid the chance of running into me at store and having to abandon an entire cart full of groceries in their haste to escape. If a JW acknowledged my greeting by even a simple nod of the head, I left them alone. The best place to greet JWs is in a restaurant- right after they have started eating-- I could sure make them cry.

  • cofty

    The best place to greet JWs is in a restaurant- right after they have started eating

    Love it!

  • blondie

    I guess it depends on what you say...I firmly believe in no pearls before swine. I said everything I wanted to say when I stopped going. I once took a letter (3rd one after throwing away) and shredded the letter and mailed it back. Message understood, no more letters.

  • jam

    Moshe: so true, playing by their rules, no way anymore.

    I posted this topic because there are so many new ones

    coming on board. Don,t play by their rules. I did for years,

    the guilt, missing out on family gathering ( a member of the

    family that were JW would call me and tell me, we will be at

    the family gathering, so we letting you know so you wouldn,t

    be there), I even shopped at nites so I wouldn,t run into any JWs.

    Walked the other direction when I saw a JW.

    Cofty said it, make them feel uncomfortable and watch them run.

  • Chaserious

    I hardly ever see JWs I knew out and about since I live a half hour away from the KH I used to attend. But I couldn't help it once at a family wedding where there were only 4 JWs there, including my father and mother in law. I went right up to him in front of some people who knew he was my father in law and say hi with a big smile and stuck my hand out for a handshake. He didn't shake my hand and walked away. Made my night. Made for good conversation with my table too. Moshe, you are so right about how it only works when you play by their rules.

  • exwhyzee

    You know you've made progress when you pass the stage where you feel the need to speak out boldly with JW's. You realize that what they think or beleive no longer matters to you or anyone else.

    It's a great thing to be able to smile knowingly when you hear them spouting their skewed JW'isms and see the puzzled look on their faces as they wonder why you are looking at them with such pity and understanding. Much more effective than giving them justification for treating you as an apostate.

    I know a former married Brother and Sister who left on their own yet were being shunned by their former JW friends as if they had been DF'd. One time they saw a snooty Sister who snubbed them when they came face to face in the supermarket. The former brother said loudly to his wife " Hey KAREN....LOOK AT WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN " Seeing the expression on her face as she scurried away was very gratifying for him in the moment but he realized later that he probably could have handled that situation with more grace and style.

  • jam

    Do these people realize or understand what this

    look like to outsiders. Do they really think after witnessing

    such outrageous behavior anyone with half a brain is going

    to join their organization. Your father-in law "refusing to shake

    your hand".

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