New Rooming Arrangement for some district conventions in the UK - what are they up to?

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  • Scott77

    You can bet that any time the Society uses the word "simplify" they are making money or saving it.


  • WTWizard

    I will one-up them. Don't go at all. That way, you not only save the money from the hotel (and probably the bedbugs that come with those crap hotel rooms, no extra charge), but the time and guilt trip of attending. Not to mention making up for a fake deficit for the last session. And then, at least for yourself and family, you can make good on no more Grand Boasting Sessions.

  • clearpoison

    Expect for the concept of free-rooms-bulk that simply must be baked in it's really about this issue

    Providing support for better negotiations in the future

    If you promise year after year and fail in the end they do not believe you anymore. For most of the hotels this is also difficult to track. It is not different to corporate deals. If you book with your corporate price, they can count your stay in reports because most of the time only indicator in their PMS system about corporate affiliation is the price type. If you find better/cheaper fare in the very same hotel, the hotel is unable to track you as that corporates traveller, eventhough you made your trip for business. Same here, if you book outside the arrangement and do not mention the group/agreement code, for the hotel it is equal that you did not attend that group event. Seen too many report mismatches between corporate recorded stays in specific hotels compared to what hotels are telling.


  • slimboyfat

    I wonder where the summer convention will be held now that the Hydro burned down. I don't think it was going to be ready on time anyway.

  • NewYork44M

    The last assembly I attended, I reserved a room at an "official hotel." But I made the reservation directly through the hotel's internet site. They offered a lower rate plus free breakfast, and I got my Hilton points.

  • MrFreeze

    The JW's tell you what to wear after assemblies, what hotels/motels to use, what food to bring, how to behave in hotels, not to leave convention site for lunch, not to buy from vendors outside the convention site, be in your site before the musical interlude. Yup, they sure don't micro manage. Not one bit. Can't leave anything up to the faithful.

    Jehovah can trust the rank and file with delivering the important life-saving message, but can't trust JW's to come back to the convention when they go somewhere else for lunch.

  • StephaneLaliberte
  • AudeSapere

    Ecan6's link above was very interesting and insightful into the workings of DC's as regards to a subsidy that WTS receives from a local community.

    It's a short read but enlightening for me. [Also, the PDF of the minutes of the City Council meeting which highlight the revenue to the local businesses and the city. ($300,000 estimated return to the city - not counting the boon to the businesses at a time of year that is usually 'dead'.) - Read the PDF that is shown at the bottom of the article. You will likely be surprised as well. "Follow the money" comes to mind.]

    This paragraph made me laugh, though:

    But this year City Councilors say they want to see more outreach into the community.
    Baldwin explained that in the past the City Council would encourage and suggest that the group to partner with other organizations in the community, but wouldn’t require it. The Jehovah’s Witnesses would instead perform some other kind of service work.
    This year, she said they decided to tie the funding directly to the completion of a community service.
    Councilors gave the group three options including providing support or volunteers for a local Habitat for Humanity project, Helping Hands Mission relocation or a food or clothing drive for one of the city’s food banks or shelters. The group could suggest its own partnership, but it must be approved by the City Council.

    hehe While in the past they were happy with free labor for arena cleaning and for free landscaping services, they are now wanting JWs to be move involved in community outreach - and not the bogus door-to-door 'Life-Saving' proselytising that they may claim as charitable activity. The city wants actual, bonafid, charitable activity in exchange for the subsidy. Would really like to see an update on this...


  • hamsterbait

    They prolly changed the venue to one a hundred miles away to force people who had regular lodgings to go there and pay over the odds.

    And - as pointed out - the WT, acting as a travel agent booking accommodation gets its % for those attending the A$$embly.

    And as regards jehoobie micromanaging his servants? Why would he - the Gibbering Buddies do it!


  • slimboyfat

    Anyone got any news on whether the Glasgow convention is going ahead?

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