New Rooming Arrangement for some district conventions in the UK - what are they up to?

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  • jgnat

    I am grateful for being married to a rebel JW. We lived close enough to the Circuiit Assembly building to take the transit Did not even pay for parking. We don't attend the District Assembly assigned to our area, and stay with friends.

  • 88JM

    I assume it's the S.E.C.C. - unless they have managed to somehow weasel a deal out of Ibrox now they are desperate?!

    Edit: just looked at the hotels list again and it does actually confirm it's the S.E.C.C. Hydro

  • truthlover123

    Same in Canada = they book the hotels and then send lists to the congregations - you have to book those hotels yourself and pay their rate - you are to say your with the JW convention for the pricing schedule. Has been that way for years..

  • cedars

    You can bet that any time the Society uses the word "simplify" they are making money or saving it.


  • moshe

    The hotel proabably comps a percentage of rooms, too- the upstairs suites are free for the Bethel, worthies.

  • 88JM

    It's also interesting that they have moved the venue for this year.

    Have they also done that to save money, or is it to please some of the Glasgow elder heavies?

    Or is it because they were refused McDiarmid park? There was talk of a different venue not long from right after last years convention.

  • DaCheech

    everytime I've looked at the lists here, the hotels ARE NOT close, and they are not good quality

  • Honeybucket

    I remember about 8 years ago (give or take) we used to have AWESOME HOTELS on our list. I mean full breakfasts with bacon, eggs, pancakes. Nice swimming pools, suits, tennis courts, hot tubs, THE WORKS. I never booked these rooms because I was a teenager and had to stay with family.

    So this year before booking my room I checked out each hotel on trip advisor before calling any of them. Most the rooms, according to trip advisor, had meager breakfasts available (toast and bagels) no swimming pool, and in the seedy part of town. I thought to myself I can deal with that, so i call to make reservations and all of them were booked. The list came out that very week how can they already be booked? Of course we all know that certian people get to look at that list before the congregation and then they make arrangements for their whole famn Damily and friends. There was one hotel that I did not call, its price was lower then all the others so i thought this place must be a whole in the wall dump.Boy did I get that wrong. I checked with trip advisor of course and ALL THE REVIEWS, not one or 2 or a couple 10 years ago, I mean ALL THE REVIEWS EVER for this hotel was "ladys of the night frequent here" and "drug deals went down". This place was ghetto central. I also checked yahoo travel to verify some of these reviews, they too said very simular things. Bad housekeeping, no hot water, gun shots were heard at night, dead bodys found. I told myself I better book a room with them just in case, I need to do what the society tells me to do, Im sure its different now, their website made it look quaint and charming and they were under new ownership. So I called and made the reservation, the woman didnt take any information from me except my name address and phone number. That was weird I thought to myself.

    That was when I decided to start calling a hotel I have always stayed at and BEGGED them for a room. I played up our loyalty to this hotel chain, and how I have stayed with them for many many years. I told them how this other hotel that was available was a seedy place full over addicts and hookers and if we stayed there Im sure I would get murdered. Ok I was being a bit dramatic, but I did not want to stay at this place.Why would the society even have us stay there? We used to have KILLER rooms on the list and now they are all dives except for one or two of them.

    It all ended up working out for us, after a couple months on a "waiting list", they gave us a suit at the top, not in the JW block, with the same price as a jw block rate. A couple of people in our hall stayed at the seedy hotel and confirmed everything the reviews mentioned. When I told them we were going to stay there until i read the reviews then begged another hotel manager to put us on the list, they chastized us for it! They said I was not obeying the organization or god. They were just jealous that they got stuck in a crap hole.

    It does make me wonder, why wont these hotels allow the society to make arrangements with them anymore? Did they screw em over? The WTS said its because people call and make reservations and dont show up or overbook. So its our fault?

  • snare&racket

    Its really strange to hear adults being told what to do by people they dont even know.....

    People who dont have their interests in mind AT ALL.

    seems so alien now....

  • cofty

    The Watchtower infantilises its followers.

    I remember a Service Meeting when we were instructed on what to put in our sandwiches. I was already on the way out but it was the last straw.

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