If you don't respect the integrity of WORDS your thoughts are crap

by Terry 22 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Terry

    I see you are posting in bold type, Terry.

    Are you in danger of being influenced by BizzyBee?

    I admit that her pictures are quite beautiful...

    I graduated from the Bizzy Bee Conservatory of Liberal Arts with a minor in Bold face font!

  • jgnat

    Now, as a realist artist, I found that many people cannot see. The apple is asymmetrical, their drawing is perfectly round. The colors range from gold to purple from light to shade, and they paint a fire-engine red apple. That tells me they are relying on what they think "apple" represents, rather than what is really there.

    This is where symbols and language break down. They can represent, but they are not the whole.

  • Tater-T


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