Okay Folks, it's Time to be like ....Canada

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  • dreamgolfer

    I would LOVE to move there,,,but my Wife does NOT LIKE THE SNOW- yikes!

  • mamochan13

    Canada is not a gun control paradise. We have a stupid controversial gun registration law that cost a lot of money and has been repealed because it did nothing beneficial. Our gun laws are certainly tougher, but killings happen with registered weapons.

    We also have school killings. A 14 year old shot up a school in my province a few years back, and in Quebec we had a horrible shooting at a technical school. We watch the same violent movies, play the same video games. We have the same gaps in mental illness supports.

    What Canada does have that is different, though, I think, is a different cultural attitude towards guns. We don't consider it a right to own, and we don't seem to have the "from my cold dead hands" type thinking. Gun ownership in Canada is seen as more of a privilege. It would be considered unusual at my local high school if any of the kids had access to multiple weapons. It would be unusual if I, as an average citizen, walked around with a gun in my purse or glove box.

    But it's not just the attitude towards guns that causes these horrible mass murders. It's the attitude towards people - that life is disposable.

  • Heaven

    I would LOVE to move there,,,but my Wife does NOT LIKE THE SNOW- yikes!

    This is Sun Dec 16. It's green here in York Region, Ontario, raining, and above freezing. My sage plants, endive lettuce and spinach in the garden are still green and alive. They've been snowed on and yes, it has gone down below freezing regularly at night as well as during some days but they're still standing. We did have about 4 to 6 inches of snow 3 or 4 weeks ago but that's all gone. So much for the 'normal' winter we were supposed to be getting. They say we'll probably have a green Christmas.

    I personally know people who hunt for some of their food. Sometimes I luck out and get some venison from them after hunting season.

  • xchange

    dreamgolfer: I would LOVE to move there,,,but my Wife does NOT LIKE THE SNOW- yikes!

    Snow? What snow. Not where I live. Rarely, if ever.

  • moshe

    Prohibition- failed

    war on drugs- failed

    secure our borders- failed

    war on guns- will fail, too.

  • whathappened

    It is mental illness that's the problem. Sane people don't take guns and shoot down little kids.

  • kurtbethel

    I don't have a need for guns, but Canada has a couple other problems that would be challenging for me.

    It is too far north, and the dark winters would likely drive me to drink, or worse. I need my longer sunny days.

    There is nothing like the first amendment, which is as important to me as the second amendment is to some gun owners. I would have a difficult time living with those repressive laws about free speech and banned books.

    It would be great to have a summer home there, say in BC or the Rockies. I could keep my mouth shut that long, and sneak e-books in via dropbox or an encrypted flash drive.

    Canada people of the obelisk police state

  • talesin

    I would have a difficult time living with those repressive laws about free speech and banned books.

    Ahhh, well, in the 80/90s we DID have a case with a LGBT boookstore, but NO, we have freedom of speech, and lol, the US of A has more banned books than Canada... check it out before you put it out there.


    And your picture, is of a Cenotaph, which is the memorial for the dead from the GREAT WAR,,, WWI, in which 100s of thousands of Canadians lost their lives.



  • talesin

    Please. enlighten us, about the 'banned books' ... I am VERY curious.

  • kurtbethel

    Please. enlighten us, about the 'banned books' ... I am VERY curious.

    Okay, that was in 2003. I went with my brother on a road trip.

    We were visiting our sister in Oregon and then decided to drive up to BC to see a cousin there. We drove there at night and got to the border crossing about 6 am. The agent asked us to pull up to a building and leave the car outside while they searched it.

    I want to point out right now that neither of us have criminal records or warrants or anything that would flag us as troublemakers. So we waited for about half an hour while they searched, or ate donuts or whatever they were doing. Then 2 agents come back and ask about some items they found. Was is heroin? Weed? Bearer bonds? Weapons? Nope. They were asking about freaking BOOKS!! I kid you not.

    Apparently my brother had a box in the trunk with some survival books, living in the woods books and a few MRE type items. There were no weapons or anything that would trigger concern with any sane border agent. So we were escorted from the customs area to the immigration area. They seized our drivers licenses and were looking on their computers, which I know would have been fruitless. A couple of them were really grilling my brother about the books and why he had them and what he planned to do. They didn't bother me about my books, which were a couple Fodors type travel guides, so I suspect those kinds of books are not an affront to Canadian sensibilities.

    Eventually they got tired of us and they wanted me to sign a paper before they would give me my license back. The paper claimed I was trying to immigrate into Canada. I wasn't, as it was just an intended one day visit. They were firm about holding my license hostage until I sign their confession to something I didn't do, so I calculated that they were unlikely to want to jail and feed me over this and signed the false confession. They gave us our licenses back and directed us back south to leave the fine commonwealth of Canada. So back we went, our attempted invasion of Canada thwarted by careless possesion of books. Looking back, it was an educational experience, and I was fortunate I didn't get tasered or anything for this nefarious caper.

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